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Thread: Error Code 9:Quake Live has experienced an errordownloading it's file manifest.

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    Senior Member Adderall will become famous soon enough Adderall's Avatar
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    cora ya that worked, not going to do that everytime i want to log in

    Amd 8350 - 4816.08 MHz on air
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    Asus GTX660 DirectCU

    Quote Originally Posted by Undertaker12 View Post
    Thank you. You're video is ok... you need a better cfg than that, and you should try using electronic songs like my movie.

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    Senior Member krailed is an unknown quantity at this point
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    Stopped working for me, I uninstalled plugin. Deleted ql folder. Loaded the page and restored the folder. Now FF thinks i have no plugin but ql loads. Not an exact science figuring it out.

    Method 3- Think this is the root of the problem as ql holds you logged in(spam back and youll see what I mean) Disable plugin. Navigate to a non ql page. Delete all history. enable plugin. load ql. -_-;
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    Junior Member hija is on a distinguished road
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    same problem here, and i cant skip to home because i have to download new content...

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    Junior Member cmsl333 is on a distinguished road
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    samething is happening to me??

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    Junior Member OPMD is on a distinguished road
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    still no straight answers hey?...

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    Hello everybody,

    I have the same problem. On the left, after a while, i can see "join match", "link to match", etc...

    I tried to go to the website with windows 7 and xp, with and without plugin, after removing cookies, internet history and antivirus, with firefox and IE... I restarted and reset my modem. I also tried with a laptop that i borrowed.
    With windows xp i get the message "Quake Live has experienced an errordownloading it's file manifest".

    I m pretty sure that the issue comes from the website... I have a pro account, my nick is StEaK94.

    Can someone from Id help me please?

    Problem solved: Format C:\
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    Junior Member stary_wilq is on a distinguished road
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    It happens on Internet Explorer every time. It happens on Firefox for most of the time, not always. It started one day without any particular reason (but it was after I installed some C++ windows update - a coincidence or a connection). It doesn't happen on Opera at all, apparently. it is obviously some software reason, as you do not have to install QL on Opera separately, surprisingly enough.

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    I've got the Code 9 problem too. The main thing is that I can't disable proxy - I'm connecting via other computer in my lan. How can I configure this stuff to use it with proxy?

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    I tried all the method listed in the comments, but to no benefit.

    I am behind a proxy server and cannot bypass it. Is there some alternate solution.

    I tried doing ipconfig /release and then ipconfig /renew (as suggested in some comment) but that didn't help either.

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    I have the same error, sticks to 28% of the download, says "Try again later"

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