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Thread: Error Code 9:Quake Live has experienced an errordownloading it's file manifest.

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    Error Code 9:Quake Live has experienced an errordownloading it's file manifest.

    Are you behind a proxy? If possible bypass/disable the proxy

    Have you put any quakelive related entires in your hosts file ? The DNS entries may have changed, delete these entries and see if it works.

    Muckyman recently had this and found that McAfee antivirus was causing the problem somehow, disabling that resolved the issue.
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    Soooo mind repeating that in english? I cant play because of this problem If you`re talking about custom maps and other stuff then that really sucks,

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    Junior Member giveitup2me is on a distinguished road
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    I encountered the file manifest error problem. It was unrelated to the firewall.

    i went into cmd, ipconfig /release, ipconfig /renew

    that fixed it for me


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    Well just started getting this at home and well, cdn-web.quakelive.com doesn't exist. Doing reverse DNS lookup on the associated IP in the first post returns:

    Server: DD-WRTWNDR37AV
    Address: ***********

    *** DD-WRTWNDR37AV can't find Non-existent domain

    Looking up that url with http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.c....quakelive.com shows down everywhere. I've reset firewall to defaults, reset winsock/tcpip and rebooted modem and router and computer. I've got a DHCP reserved address for this laptop so ipconfig release renew is pointless.

    Also that IP is owned by pantherexpress apparently on RIPE: http://www.db.ripe.net/whois?searcht...hSubmit=search

    Can the first post be cleaned up with some useful information

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    Senior Member Jason_ is on a distinguished road Jason_'s Avatar
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    I looked through all the threads regarding this error, and none of the proposed solutions have worked.

    edit: fixed itself
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    i am getting this problem now since last night. thing is it was working beautiful on firefox 3, then i quit and come back to login and i get the file manifest download error. i have tried all the solutions on the forums, none of them work. it is morning now and still the same error, cannot even login without using a proxy!!! what the hell is going on?

    Edit: 4 hours later now, the error is gone. i did absolutely nothing on my end since my 1st post to fix things, the error just went away on its own. we can only assume now this is a problem with quakelive.
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    I didn't get this blasted error until I updated my firefox to 4.0
    Thinking that was the issue, I decided to switch browsers to IE to no avail.
    I even retrograded my FF install to 3.6 to no avail.

    I uninstalled the QL plugin and reinstalled the latest...again...no good.
    I cleaned my QL cookies...did nothing to help.

    I was considering going "Pro" but no longer.

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    I was getting this error the other day. Then it cleared up for some reason.

    I was playing, like 2 hours ago for about an hour. I stopped playing to do some Facebook stuff and came back about 30 minutes later and it happened again. Then I started thinking, what happened before I started getting this error. I remembered that flash player wanted to update, so I let it. That is when I started having the problems. So I uninstalled flash player and reinstalled an older version and now, no more errors. I am betting that the flash update is conflicting some where.

    Keep in mind that what works for me, may NOT work for you. But, you can try it to see if it works.

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    I'm getting it now with firefox 3.6. The errors comes and goes. Stupid annoying error.

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    Senior Member krailed is an unknown quantity at this point
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    I disabled plug in, reloaded quakelive and downloaded the file , installed the filed(repair plugin), enabled plugin and then hit refresh and it worked. I also happened to let my windows update, so you may give that a go.

    Update: Happened to me again. Try this method. Disable plug in, load quake site where it shows the terms of service, enable plug in, then click on your ql name in upper right. Should take you to server browser. :XXXX
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