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    Lightbulb Freeze Tag - Clan Chill

    <edit>Things have moved on in the last 8 months. 200+ FT games and more than 200 iFT games later and I've made a whole bunch of new friends since Raz0rblade became Chill's first member. Chill's changed a bit too. We started to play competively on several Fragged Nation and Clanbase Ladders and we've migrated into other gametypes too.

    We're not exactly pro but we've spun off a 'regulars' clan : -273, for ladders and summer cups (we actually won a game !!! ) But the weekly iFT sessions on Tuesday nights and iCTF on Thursdays are open to anyone.

    We've got a duel competition (King of the Chills). With a trophy and everything ! It's currently reaching it's second climax (Mmm. Multiple incarnations) and there's a whole bunch of other random nonsense that's usually dreamed up by people from Scandanavia, including the Saturday afternoon funwar with Drunk clan

    Turns out the best way to get a game of FT is to hang around #clanchill on irc and pester us to start a game, but we're still 'recruiting'. Register on the website and you'll get a weekly newsletter, which'll give your spam filters something to do.

    Anyway, keep it frosty and hf

    Original post below :

    Clan Chill exists for Freeze Tag fans. Join up to make finding a game easier than it is now. We're not a normal clan in the sense that we don't play as a team and compete against other clans +etc. It's just a way to help people get FT games going by letting them know that there's a bunch of other FT fans logged on and ready to roll - anyone showing the Chill tag is up for a game.

    If you've got Chill as your active clan, you're signalling that you're ready to jump into any active FT game. This will make it quicker to get games going - join an empty server and send invites to any Chill members online and we're off !

    The next post contains a list of all Chill members. Reply to this thread and send me a friend request and I'll add you to the roster. Add everyone on the list as friends and prepare to thaw the QL FT drought.

    <edit> We're up for a bit of competitive play these days, both iFT and FT </edit>

    And we've even got a website : check it out for the latest news on scrims and competitions
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    Like to play more Freeze Tag ? Join Clan Chill. We play Freeze Tag most evenings, 7:30pm UK time onwards, with a smattering of TDM, CTF and a regular duel cup. Check our website. IRC : #clanchill on quakenet

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