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Thread: Fun devpick

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    Fun devpick

    I was messing around with the console and came up with a few games. (type them in the console)
    1) instagib CA (self-explanitory) Go to CA match type g_instagib 1
    2) devpick instapummel ( g_speed 640, g_damage_g 999, silent footsteps, silent gaunt noise)
    3)devpick speed rockets ( rocket velocity 99999)
    4)juggernaut ( not sure if you can do this in the console, this is for ID) [one person has instagib rail. All other players go after that person but with instant gaunt with increased speed]
    5)Make your own . Post it on this thread. hopefully ID sees this.

    PS: anyone want to play freeze tag on practice.
    1) go to any type of match.
    2) go to console and type cg_gametype 9
    3) type map_restart
    4) enjoy!
    5)make it insta by typing g_instagib 1

    If you wanna play duels on CTF maps:
    1)go to a ctf map
    2) type in console cg_gametype 1
    3)type map_restart
    4) enjoy!

    hope this helps Have a great time

    And Once again please post a special gametype and how to do it. It might just be a devpick.

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    5) Neo Dodging Rocket
    lower g_velocity_rl on(50) and off(default)

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    6)Neo V.S. Smith Duel
    [1]Neo spawns only with PG.
    [2]Smith spawns only with RL.
    [3]Both firing rates are excessive.
    [4]But missile velocities ultra-slow down on and off, effectively providing super dodging opportunity.
    [5]No item in the map.
    [6]Both spawn with jetpack, quaddamage, regeneration, envirosuit, haste, guard, doubler, scout, armorregen.
    [7]Spectators can join as a Smith if they want.
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