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Thread: QuakeLive / FireFox crash after closing/joining 2nd game

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    QuakeLive / FireFox crash after closing/joining 2nd game

    If you have an nvidia card then the likely solution is :
    Quakelive uses OpenGL, nvidia introduced OpenGL 3.3 with their 197.13 drivers that were pushed to windows update.

    the OpenGL 3.3 support in that version has bugs which come to light with quakelive, causing problems after any initial run of the game client.

    The solution is to use earlier nvidia drivers (195.81 or older), or 197.25 or later.
    If you do not have an nvidia card then at this point I can only suggest either trying internet explorer instead, or backing up your firefox bookmarks, completely removing firefox, reinstall firefox and quakelive only. Try the game then.
    Various plugins or extensions can cause problems that cause firefox to not terminate correctly, or slowly wind down to a crawl.

    edit: also (especially for users of the newer 250.xx and 260.xx drivers, but this may work with older ones too) -

    Quote Originally Posted by Yakumo View Post
    If you have an Nvidia graphics card, and you have this specific problem ( able to load the game once, then when you quit, and then trying to load the game again causes a crash, browser restart and youy can play again) try this -

    Go to :

    Nvidia control pannel ->
    Manage 3d settings ->
    Program Settings ->

    Find the web browsers you play quakelive with (internet explorer, firefox, chome, opera) and set

    "Threaded Optimization" to OFF

    This has solved this problem for me since it started to happen again with the most recent drivers, and does not negatively effect quakelive's 3d performance.
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