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Thread: DevPick Jan 7-9: Guided Rockets

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    DevPick Jan 7-9: Guided Rockets

    If you've aimed a rocket, and wished you had just aimed it slightly to the left, this week's DevPick is for you. Rockets have developed a strange psychic link with your player, and will always travel the direction you're facing. Use them to shoot around corners, or killing the camper by arcing a rocket up to the Quad Damage on Longest Yard. Check out these FFA servers over the weekend, and conduct a symphony of destruction with your rockets.

    Additionally, we're looking to rerun some past DevPicks in the coming weeks. If there's been one that you've been itching to play, post it up here, and we'll pick up some of the more popular ones and bring them back for another weekend. (I know our Flight was certainly a popular one, and I personally was able to sneak in a change for next time...)

    If that's not enough, and you're familiar with the Quake Console, load up a Practice match, and poke around at what's available. If you find a fun or interesting combination of settings, post them, and we would love to run it one weekend!

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    Is it me or are rockets much easier to dodge now.

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    i knew that is gonna be dev pick...tried that cvar on last update g_guidedrocket"1" i think....
    btw rerun GHOST TOWN
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    Add A Killcam Maybe?
    Only available for COD MW3 owners!Coming soon i next update....

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    Aug 2010
    Direct Rocket devpick was ok-ish

    I vote for Direct rocket devpick WITHOUT other weapons on the map, spawn with 5 rockets (to prevent spamfest) and no other weapons on map (else it becomes a LG/RG fest for those who aren't actually training direct hits)
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    Is it something like Half-Life 2 rocket launcher? I have no time to try it yet :S

    Btw I opened this thread earlier, a poll about beta devpicks. Just thought I'd throw it in.

    All Weapons CTF/FFA got the most. (I just forgot to include CTF in the poll)
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    I'd like to see the q1 settings rerun...missed it last time :<

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    I vote for kamikrazy LOL

    eh.. i enjoyed the fast switch devpick, maybe this time you could include cpm physics

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    Rerun random grav and low grav

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    I have a suggestion:


    This random cvar I found makes it so that enemies drop health when they are damaged. I think this would be a cool one to do, pweez sponge? :3
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    Random Grav was v. funny do that again please

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