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Thread: Grey/Black Screen as game tries to start

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    Senior Member pikaluva13 will become famous soon enough pikaluva13's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
    East Lansing, MI
    Sorry for the necropost, but I'm having this problem
    I'm assuming it has to do with the one on the right, but I have no clue what I'm doing. Please help me. I miss my Quake :<
    (also, if the reply is "update your drivers" then that helps me clue what to do)

    I was helped by Venova on the #tastycast ( and I'm now able to get past the grey screen and enter the match...however, I still have the problem mentioned here
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    I useInternet Explorer. I've been playing the game with perfectly no problem on my laptop until a few days after the update, when the problem started to persist. I don't think it has anything to do with my video card all of a sudden.

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    a question: use firefox, so, if i use internet explorer, does my problem get resolved??? :/

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    guys restarting computer every time I try to join a game isn't a solution, can this grey screen/plugin crash be looked at for the next patch?

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    also fix the link to the technical support forum when the game crashes...simple stuff :S

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    Junior Member 72826 is on a distinguished road
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    now i'm getting this problem. it's NEVER happened before
    i've tried:
    restarting my computer
    reinstalling (repairing) quake live plugin
    updating drivers
    deleted all cfgs
    set the resolution to 600 480 or whatever was said
    rebooting again
    setting my game settings to default

    running windows xp. ANY ideas?

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    Junior Member ebracus is on a distinguished road
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    I have also just started getting this problem on an account that is over 1 year old and I have changed nothing since then.Why am i getting this now ?

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    so everything with videocard and open gl and ..and ...and worked finde till i became a premium member rofl

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    my system is win7 64.
    I ve a nice new problem since, and really since i upgraded to premuim membership yesterday.
    I hadnt the problem before!!!
    i played without any problems with opera quake live. logging in, logging out, logging again in, logging again out, everything worked fine.
    After Premium i ll gett grey screens everytime i try to log in on a 2nd server. The first server log in is ok, than i log out and than i choose another server and i get a grey screen.
    Than i ve to „loggout“ of page, and to restart my browser. Than new log in and i can change to another server, and the problem starts new from start on! Its sooooo annoying! It really started with the damn premium membership lol, that cant be the extra in premium.
    And yes, i found the instructions what to do if i ve thsi problem blabla. Did it all, helped nothing! Its so crazy! And others on this website followed the instructions too, and it didnt fix anything. So please help me. I tested it with ie and Firefox newest versions too same Problems.
    Firefox just says it would be a problem of the plugin container, but only firefox tells this.

    Than i tried to send this error report to support. Used the support link on buttom of the quake live page. I wrote it and than i pressed send and than i it tells me, that im still logged in???
    and i ve te log out and log in again??? lol dont work, cant tell support what happend, now i try it through forum.

    An instance of Quake Live is already running. Please close this web page.

    Now, and its new for me, i cant log in anymore: (firewall deactivated!!!)

    We're sorry, but it appears you are having problems connecting to the QUAKE LIVE network. If you are behind a firewall you must make sure that it permits the following connection:

    Protocol: TCP
    Port: 5222

    Contact your network administrator for further instructions, or Click Here to look for help.

    So, what must i do???


    Philippp Baenisch
    Premium Member with grey Screen add on

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    Edit: (wheres a edit function for written threads?)
    - now i cant log in anymore to servers
    - loading of log in site needs 4 min
    - loading serverbrowser need 4 min
    - loading game needs 4 min
    - than crash, nrothing happens cnt join
    - waiting till error massages comes need 4 min
    - and after that i ve to log out, needs 4 min too
    - browser new start and it start again
    - loading login page needs 4 min lol

    firefox 4.0 , plugin crashes, tried all nothing helps. And lol i became premium 2 days ago, thought about exclusive premium, lucky that i didnt bought that lol...
    someone able to help? can i get my money back? lol!


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