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Thread: Grey/Black Screen as game tries to start

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    Grey/Black Screen as game tries to start

    If you are suffering a grey screen as the game client tries to load, or the message - GLW_CreateWindow:could not register window class:

    If you are not worried about losing your in game settings, go to, login, go to Account Settings, and reset your config to default settings. Otherwise, read on ...
    This is commonly caused by one or more of the following:
    1. Incompatible resolution for current display monitor (most common problem)

      If you wish to retain your settings -
      1. Close the game entirely and any error message
      2. Locate your config files :
        \Steam\SteamApps\common\Quake Live\<SteamID64>\baseq3
        If there are multiple folders as multiple accounts have been used on your machine, you can find which is your SteamID64 on by pasting in the steam profile URL for the account you wish to use. Or start QL, and /writeconfig testdump.cfg and see which directory has that file placed in it.

        Or if not usign the steam version, by copying and pasting the following exactly into start->>run or a windows explorer address bar
        Quote Originally Posted by Yakumo View Post
        Vista/win7/8 -
        %AppData%\..\LocalLow\id Software\quakelive\home\baseq3
        XP -
        %appdata%\id Software\quakelive\home\baseq3
      3. Edit qzconfig.cfg and remove r_mode, r_windowedMode, r_displayRefresh settings, or set them to -2 (for native desktop resolution)
      4. Start the game launcher and play.
    2. If you have manually created by hand .cfg files or used the console command "/writeconfig autoexec" and do not want to remove your file, you will have to go through them and find and remove r_mode and r_displayrefresh settings
      1. in qzconfig.cfg and any other cfg remove r_mode and r_windowedMode settings, or set them to -2 (for native desktop resolution)
        If opening a file that already exists, you'll need a linux format capable text editor such as Wordpad (built into Windows), or notepad++ (free) , NOT the regular "Notepad" that comes with Windows as that will show a garbled file with no line breaks.
      2. This should get you back in game where you can use the menus to select the resolution you want again.
      3. If that fails please read the reset your config to default properly following the instructions at the top of this thread.
    3. Incompatible video card

      QuakeLive requires an OpenGL capable graphics card, please see the System Requirements
    4. OpenGL ICD crash

      Please try rebooting your system
    5. No OpenGL system installed, or corrupted

      Please (re) install graphics drivers from your card manufacturer (eg ATI/Nvidia/Intel) and not from Windows Update as they do not contain the OpenGL ICD.

    • do you use an intel x3100 card?

      If so it happens when aero dies, I don't know of any way to solve it, other than try older drivers, or vista drivers. (I have an x3100 laptop with this problem)

      This can be proven by going into windowed mode, and running the win7 troubleshooter (type in troubleshoot in the start menu) and choosing 'display aero desktop effects' when run it will force aero to restart and you will be able to see the game until it drops out again.

      Or in an admin level command prompt:

      net stop uxsms
      net start uxsms
      Or If you want to try intel vista drivers I would go back to win7 ones whenever they release a new version (it's been nearly a year, I'm sure they will at some point)
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