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Thread: Prism + greasemonkey + install.js links. Merry (late) xmass.

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    Prism + greasemonkey + install.js links. Merry (late) xmass.

    Okay, So, some of you use prism. (if you don't, you are probably nub.)

    Betcha wish greasemonkey worked in prism, right? Then you could use all those cool greasemonkey quake scripts?

    Well, here you go, fresh off the git compile. :P

    First off, I use the standalone prism, not the firefox extension. why? The firefox version doesn't have the 'install' button on the damn extensions manager. (don't ask, don't know, don't care either, standalone is faster.)

    Yes there are goofy ass, weird ways to command line 'force' extensions to install and build and hack extensions and 'hope' they work, they tend to fail. This extension has been modified specifically to work with prism. YMMV, but it works for me. This method is the most direct 'a to b' install I can hand you.

    Secondly, do this within the quake live webapp itself, as prism likes to treat each webapp as its own user/profile, it wont install 'globally'.

    Just shut up and follow along, okay? :P

    1. Download this attachment,save it someplace.
    2. Rename it from .zip to .xpi (forums dont allow .xpi files. cope.)
    3. Open up your quakelive prism webap options and make sure you have all the checkboxes marked for it (show nav bar, etc etc. because you need to be able to see the gear button.)
    4. Open quake live webapp.
    5. Click the gear button in the lower right, select 'tools' and 'addons'.
    6. Select 'extensions' tab. hit the install button.
    7. Navigate to the file you just renamed to an .xpi file and select that.
    8. All done. Restart the quakelive webapp and come back here.

    Now you can click these links, and go install the server browser script of your choice. (Again, doing this from inside the quakelive webapp itself, or you won't get very far.)

    Quake live Alt server browser [tested, works. This is the updated version, btw.]
    Quake live advanced server filter [tested, works.]
    RAZ3R's Quake Live Training Map Launcher [tested, works.]
    Quake Live Share Button Hider [Tested, works. Sorry Webmaster, but this popup sticks /constantly/ :[ ]

    No, i'm not linking the 'tier checker' because the damn thing isn't at all accurate anymore, and most the other scripts look like they were written by cracked out monkeys.

    Why am I linking straight to the install JS files? That way prism is sure to install them inside the quakelive webapps profile. You ARE using your quake live webapp right now,RIGHT? :P

    Don't ever say I never did anything for you. :P

    Some catches that might get some of you.
    • If you for some reason have BOTH prisms installed (standalone AND firefox extension), things won't work right. Go into firefox, addons, uninstall prism for firefox. Start over from step one.
    • Sometimes firefox likes to open when you click the script install links, if you don't get a box popping up allowing you to install the greasemonkey scripts with a 'install' and 'show source' button and a text of details, make sure you have other browsers closed/tasks killed. (i have no idea why my machine does this sometimes.)
    Other than that, things seem to work as expected.

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    Just updating the the install list, don't mind me.

    Greasemonkey script made by QL user Kry.
    Forum thread: Linkify Plus Red Links - Linkify Quake Live chat links (Greasemonkey script)
    Direct to install script link: Here

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