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Thread: Low FPS problem - 'Computer should handle game fine.'

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    Obviously people, there is no setting or config or cvar or magic wand that can fix this short of Id software studying the problem indepth and rewriting some code to fix this problem, which is a pain in my ass too, believe me when I tell you my Dell XPS1530 laptop used to run any map, any server, full or not at 125 FPS, even when my ping was 200+.... At 1280 x 1024 and all settings to their highest...i.e.: AA at 16xQ CSAA, anisotropic filtering at 16x,all graphics 32 bit, 8 prerendered frames and highest settings for textures, etc in the game... Then all of a sudden, it's dropping down to sometimes as low as 40FPS, getting connection interrupted (where the screen just freezes for like 30 to 90 seconds) flashes the little picture of your lan cable popping out of the jack, sometimes even till you time out...and it's happening to everyone in the game, maybe not everyone all at the same time, but everyone's being affected.... AND, the same time this started happening about 2-3 weeks ago.... all of a sudden my ping went UP EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!! I used to run 20 something pings in Seattle, all the time... NOW, it's 60 ish all the time... And the only servers I can play on somewhat decently now are san fran, palo alto, LA, and barely in SEATTLE, which used to be the best by FAR... Now texas and illinois are like 100+ and 130+ respectively....which is pure ****... not completely unplayable, but NOT winnable... AND, I've lowered EVERYTHING as low as it would go(640x480), turned everything OFF(ambient occlusion, anti aliasing, texture filtering, rendering as low as possible, etc... TO NO AVAIL!!!!! My profile even took a hit on insta and CA cuz of this.... now it says I'm tier 1 CA, and tier 3 FFA(Instagib)... lol oh well... we are at the mercy of Id software till they decide that something needs to be done about it.... :-{ P.S. I also have 2 desktops and an acer 3core BRAND new laptop with an ATI card, that have responded exactly the same, so its not hardware, configs, or anything other than.....BUGS.... Please.... Powers that be at ID.... help us, your children.....to regain our faith in your great programming skillz....and FIX QL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanx so much!!!

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    To all those before me: r_vertexlight 1

    Have fun.

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    Im at work, so i have not tried this yet, but i bet this might actually make a difference, this is only if your duo core/quad core...but it makes sense...


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    So as QL is a process/program that is started by the plugin and hence has no shortcut or other editable command line, how would you go about setting this?

    I've check the setting in the process list and plugincontainer.exe which is all I seem to have that's related to QL is already has its affinity with all processors. Also tried setting the priority to realtime, made no difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SEEN View Post
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    lol the intro to welcome home sanitarium

    well almost lol

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    Any update regarding this problem? At the moment the game is unplayable for me (yes I want, and should get constant 125FPS). With my previous laptop, Acer 3830TG, the game was running smooooth even on high graphic settings, but now using the upgraded Acer 4830 FPS jumps between 60-125FPS. And this is with a lot of performance improving tweaks.
    I really friggin' love this game, please fix it

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    4000 series introduced new power savings in for both gpu and mem. Typically settings memory clock speed to a fixed settings, or going with ati tray tools and settings clock speeds in there - fixes this problem. Also gives you the control.

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    I feel kinda feel better reading some of these posts i was starting to think it was time to buy a new pc i also got the update and had massive drops in fps i was wondering if it had to do with massive pingers joining the servers i was on it seems to lag me out can anyone tell me if the high pingers have anything to do with lag and drops in fps?

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    Sorry for the thread bump, just wanted to say this was extremely helpful.

    Many maps that I had fps troubles with in ctf are much better now.

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    Player models drops my fps. In empty maps i have stable fps

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