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Thread: Low FPS problem - 'Computer should handle game fine.'

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    Low FPS problem - 'Computer should handle game fine.'

    First of all please ensure that you install the latest graphics drivers for your graphics card supplied by the chipset manufacturer (eg ATI/NVidia/Intel) and not those offered by Windows Update as they are not fully OpenGL compatible often as required by QuakeLive.

    For ex Quake3Arena players expecting the same performance - QuakeLive is not the same as Quake3Arena, much of the code has changed, and some relatively graphically demanding things have been added, Quake3's performance on your machine bears little relevance to QuakeLive's performance.

    Some quick things to try, either from the in game menu (press escape), or the console command given -

    • Play with a lower resolution - eg \r_mode 9 or r_mode 12 (see the r_modes list )

    • Disable Post Processing - r_enablePostProcess "0" in the console

    • Try compressed textures (lower required gfx card bandwidth)- r_ext_compressed_textures "1"

    • Disable Shadows - cg_shadows "0"

    • Try fastpath shaders (not a menu option) - r_ignorefastpath "0"
    • check cl_avidemo is set to "0" (a common accident after demo recording, or cfg tests)
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