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Allright then. I looked in Google and a bunch of random videos came up with "8 Mbps" in their name. I think those were smart guys testing YouTube quality, so I'll stick with that bitrate

Another guestion:
Bloom or Anti-Aliasing? I don't know which one to go for, what's your opinion?

On a youtube video you can't even see if the video is AA'd originally or not, even a 720p video's quality is kinda bad.
i think 8mbps may be a little too high. i think i use 5mbps (default in vegas?)... but yeah, i guess it depends on a lot of things that i dont understand so i dont mess with it.

i would go with AA because bloom just sucks. and bad aliasing is REALLY visible on youtube, no matter what quality. AA is important for longer videos because generally you supply a HQ download as well.