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Thread: Why Quake Live loads twice??

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    ^^^ QL may also need to be running at the same color bit depth as your desktop, or at least it does on my system. Probably depends on video drivers.
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    It did not work for me.

    I did:
    r_mode -2
    r_noFastRestart 0
    r_colorbits 32
    r_inbrowsermode 23 (my screen resolution is 1920x1080)

    I have the last drivers of my graphic's card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460M.

    And it is still loading twice.
    Any help please?
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    Quake Live loads twice

    First in windowed, then it goes to full screen.

    I've already looked at the stickied thread's solution to that, it makes no sense.

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    Isn't that cute. A mod bumped this thread with my post.

    It still happens.

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    It's not going to not happen if you have a non-subscriber account, the game won't load full screen as the advert runs, the 'second load' you refer to is the fullscreen swap over.

    All you can do to mitigate it is already in post 20 of this same thread.

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    Yes, it only loads twice in starting up. When changing map it loads once at fullscreen.

    Considering that the game first loads in browser and than if I press "Play fullscreen" is DOES NOT load again, what I did to go around this situation was inserting cmd " bind MOUSE2 "+moveup; r_fullscreen 0" ". I know it's a little bit silly, because I could use an other bind only for that, but this way I don't have to remember about it, and it works fine
    I always jump when I play, so r_fullsreen 0 will be activated (lot's of times during the game ) for the next starting up.

    By the way, my browser is the last version of Mozilla firefox.
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    when I sign in I have a fatal error appear saying that I have another quake live running even though their is only one present

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    fatal error

    I am being told that the game is running already when it is not and I get a fatal error message appear and it is not is this what you are on about

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