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Thread: Site Update - December 14, 2010

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    Game Browser/Customisation bug

    Browser: When all game types shown, customisation says duel only...maybe to do with holding values between connects

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    Invisible Text on Forum Help Page (Linux)

    e.g. http://www.quakelive.com/forum/misc.php?do=bbcode ...can't see some of the text in the examples (such as & ). Firefox browser.

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    i'm SPanish and cant enter to the games, no update yet.. SOme report┐

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    Senior Member Turbulence is on a distinguished road Turbulence's Avatar
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    Nottingham, UK
    I thought i was the only one but a few others have mentioned it too, that now since this last update when they leave every game theres some sound bug and the last view bytes of sound repeat itself about 10 times =/
    Thawing Friends in Q3 iFT since 2002

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    Angry Update???????????????

    How do you do that update?????????????????????????????
    ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????

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    Junior Member klingelheller is on a distinguished road
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    bring back the leaderboads plz

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    I WANT MY RETRIBUTION BACK T-T it was fine back then camping is nothing if you know how to fight a camper T-T

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    Junior Member M45K is on a distinguished road
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    FT / iFT on Winters Edge just ROX!! Thanks for the xmas fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by pikaluva13 View Post
    "Retribution: Added anti-camping measures for the portal room in CA, and fixed nonsolid metal supports"

    ahaha lol well I.
    that they took the camp off :P it was awsome :P was having a lots of fun with my friends.... 8v8 CA, all of my team mates where in portal room...good times.
    but whatever..better get used for to it

    iF rulezzzz

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    Junior Member Saridas is on a distinguished road
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    Excellent update !! Thank you so much ID ... QUAKELIVE best game ever !! PoSiTiVe ViBrAtIoNs

    I earned the FLAG MASTER MEDAL on silent night map because I captured the flag 8 times but the medal does not show in my profile.I am not pleased as my friend who also earned the medal actually got it in his profile.It is a hard medal to earn and I deserve it because I captured the flag 8 times in one game. PLEASE CHECK MY PROFILE . Tere are some other minor issues like a bug in mountain near YA
    (silent night) and lengthy spawning times for FLIGHT but they can be fixed . Please give me my medal because I deserve it and I need it on my profile to set the standard for my clan members. Thank you for your time .

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