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    The Ultimate Quake Live Guide

    This is a slight hack of 'Yakumo's q3 guide for all levels of player (mk II)' posted on 27-Oct-2003. Most of it is still entirely applicable to QuakeLive, but QL has added a lot since. Always W.I.P.

    This guide is many many hours of my work, and I retain the rights to it, please do not repost unless in full, with credits maintained and a link back to this thread. Yakumo.

    I kept finding myself repeating things so I wrote this guide on the most
    asked about cfg settings and QL/Q3 playing tips so you can learn to play like this, or duel like the professionals


    Post 1: Hardware, Abbreviations And Common Terms
    Post 2: Weapon Selection, The Console, Advanced Movement
    Post 3: Config Files, Punkbuster, Playing Tips
    Post 4: Demos, Configs Part 2, Yakumo's Cfg
    Post 5: Crash Tutorial, Tiers, Quakelive Damage Chart, Quakelive Item Respawns, Useful Links
    Post 6: Coloured Text / Names, Custom Colour Bright Skins, Weapon & Crosshair Colours, Super Bright Skins
    Post 7: +Zoom, r_Mode & r_windowedMode List, \alias command (+vstr)
    Post 8: Extended Keys, Intro to Complex Scripting, Debug Networking
    Post 9: Win Accel Fixes, Mouse Sensitivity Calculation, Mouse Acceleration
    Post 10: Block player chat, relocate quakelive data
    Post 11: Keyboards, Health/RSI
    Post 12: Mice
    Post 13: Useful guide links

    WiFi is NOT particularly suitable for realtime online games.
    kinds of weird latency issues such as connection spikes are common. It is worth getting an
    Ethernet cable connection to your router instead that way you wont suffer from
    other WiFi interference, microwaves etc. A 30 meter cable can be bought
    for less than 10 online.

    System :
    It barely matters these days the Q3 engine QL is based on runs so well
    on any accelerated card, and most can achieve the 125fps prefference for
    pro level competing.

    NB. Disable pre-rendering of frames in graphics drivers to cut 3 frame+ input lag (globally or for the browser you play in)

    Controllers :

    The best way to play FPS games is with a mouse/keyboard combo, keyboard
    for forward/back strafe left/right usually on the cursor keys or
    W,A,S,D, and the mouse to aim/fire/jump.
    Keyboards :
    Near anything will get you started, but cheap keyboards have a small signal buffer which ends up causing combinations to fail, for example not being able to run forwards while changing to a particular weapon, or move right while ducking.

    Look for 'anti ghosting' 6KRO or even NKRO to avoid this.
    You should also consider the health implications (RSI, cramps) of a bad keyboard.

    In Depth - please read Post 11: Keyboards

    Mice :

    Though the IE 3, WMO 1.1 and IMO 1.1 are still used by several world top professional players sensor technology has moved on significantly.

    Optical mice are far superior to ball based mice, more reliable, accurate, easier to clean and longer lasting. Avoid unknown mice as the sensor will likely be sub par and often lose it's tracking (stop reading / go crazy)

    • Razer Deathadder Black Edition
    • Logitec g9x
    • Steelseries Xai
    • Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical 1.1a (WMO)
    • Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical 1.1a (IMO)
    • Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer v3 (IE 3)
    *MS 'a' version mice are simply OEM, no box, otherwise identical to 1.1.

    In Depth - please read Post 12: Mice

    NB. See Sensitivity in post 8
    Quake Protection :

    If you're a heavy player and are getting sore red marks or calluses on your mouse hand palm, buy a SmudgeGuard
    it almost eliminates the problem entirely even for 5 hour a day
    players, and means you can play longer without discomfort. Less geeky
    than explaining away 'Quake Palm'.

    Mousemat :

    A good pad won't confuse your sensor, wear down limiting life and
    creating dirt, wear teflon feet down much, be hard to clean, or be hard on
    you physically. A desk is not a good mouse surface option it will make your mouse feet filthy and destroy them.

    Hard mats:
    • Steelseries SX - The best hard mat you can buy imo. Aluminium. It's maybe slightly more wear on teflon feet than cloth but they are cheep to replace, after a year my pad is completely unchanged.
    • Icemat black (steelseries i-2) - My favourite for 10 years playing Quake (the clear ones are not good for laser mice).Toughened glass. bl0key used to use an icemat but now high DPI mice make it feel like it's losing tracking.
    • Razer Destructor - After 3 months of seriously excessive play (100,000+ frags) this now has the friction of a cloth pad, it's still good but I replaced it with the SX.

    Soft/ Cloth mats:
    Often still the choice of real Pros, I just don't like having to replace them often.
    • Razer Goliathus Speed Alpha
    • Steelseries QcK heavy
    • Alsop
    Sound :
    I occasionally play without sound, it's relatively easy in FFA as
    dying doesn't really matter, and I'm so used to the maps, where to
    expect people to show up etc, it helps raise your visual awareness and
    accuracy when doing 180 turns.

    If you really want to be on top of your game then headphones are
    a MUST, absolutely essential for clan games or duel. 5.1 speakers are
    all very well but q3 only really produces 2d stereo sound, the absolute
    best way to be able to hear accurately where people are, from as great a
    distance as possible is play using headphones. When used to the maps
    and sounds of players moving around you can accurately predict when they
    will appear around a corner and plant a rocket at their feet before
    they get there, or even rail them almost before they even realise
    they've turned corner themselves. You can also get a rough idea of how damaged someone is so you know whether to keep hunting them down or make a brake for more items yourself.

    Budget choice - plantronics headphones
    Well built, have good mics for voice comms. A good headset mic
    is the only way to use voicecomms, playing with speakers gives massive
    feedback and will really *&*@ all your team off.
    Alternatively sennheiser, their kevlar reinforced cable has lasted 3 years so far on my ipod.

    No I'm not sponsored by any of these products (boo, I know they've
    all sold a lot over the years from this guide) but they ARE fantastic

    Cat has also written A Guide to Gear and Settings. which is very good.

    It's best to not be looking down at your monitor, but straight or slightly
    up, otherwise you'll end up with neck and general posture problems,
    it's worth thinking about this as you could end up in that position for
    thousands of hours over the years, and habits form fast. Also don't
    forget to blink, playing games people concentrate so much it inhibits
    the blink reflex, and your eyes will dry up.

    Please check out the anti RSI health recommendations in Post 11

    MG - MachineGun

    SG - ShotGun (SSG - SuperShotGun relic from q1/q2 days)
    PG - Plasma Gun (PR - Plasma Rifle)
    LG - Lightning Gun
    GL - Grenade Launcher
    RL - Rocket Launcher

    RG - Rail Gun (yay)
    BFG - Big F****** Gun
    NG - NailGun
    CG - Chaingun
    Prox - Proximity Mines

    RA - Red Armour
    YA - Yellow Armour
    MH/Mega - Mega Health/100 Health poweup
    RJ - Rocket Jump
    PJ - Plasma Jump or Phone Jack

    TN - Timenudge
    FFA - Free For All
    DM - DeathMatch (same as FFA)
    TDM - Team DeathMatch
    CTF - Capture the Flag

    CA - Clan Arena
    SJ - Strafe Jump
    CJ - Circle jump
    CSJ - Circle Strafe Jump
    OB - OverBounce (not in QL, see bellow)

    Vert - Short for 'Vertical' in Quake you can only look so far up
    before it locks. A shot that hits from this position fully locked up is a
    'vert'. The most impressive shots to pull off. Especially If the
    opponent is far away, and you RG, RL them or PG/LG pin/carry them
    maintaining the vert using strafe to keep hitting.

    LAG - Slang for latency, when your ping is high, or just when it goes higher than normal.
    Spikes - With cg_lagometer 1 you see a green bar representing
    your connection, if your ping fluctuations show as spikes on the bar.
    llama - a lame player for x reason =)

    PB - PunkBuster, the anti cheating system

    Hitscan - Weapons that just plot where it was fired from and
    where it's going to hit, it gets there as soon as the server registers
    that you fired it, as opposed to range weapons like the rocket launcher
    where the projectile travels from point a to point b and it takes time.

    Ping - Networking term for timing how long it takes a packet to
    it's destination and back again, like a submarines radar ping. This is
    shown by your name on the scoreboard. Lower is better, it
    makes the game smoother and aiming easier without having to lead shots.

    Yakumo unr 2003-2013
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