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I mess arround with my fov/sens settings a lot more regularly than I used to, and I knew my HUD was broken in a lot of game modes so I hadn't updated my CFG here in a while.

Finally finished my degree, so I fixed up the hud with all the new game modes, made sure skulls show up in harvester even, and uploaded what I've been playing with today in Post 4 yakumo_2012.zip
Oddly enough, I was exploring your old config just last night, so I guess I'll have to have another poke around. Gandim was kind enough to suggest a few things the other day, and it's made me look at my mouse settings more closely than just using the slider in the in game settings.

Your mouse settings as copied seem to work a treat with my Abyssus - it feels a lot smoother and more accurate, although I turn up the sensitivity.

Congrats on the degree, by the way.