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Thread: The Ultimate Quake Live Guide

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    The post about acceleration is not updated (if i understand correctly) and don't link this post that is really useful imo. Great new mouse code!!

    another useful post http://www.quakelive.com/forum/showt...l=1#post161401

    another useul thread about m_filter

    base of lorfa post:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yakumo View Post
    It's best to not be looking down at your monitor, but straight or slightly
    up, otherwise you'll end up with neck and general posture problems,
    it's worth thinking about this as you could end up in that position for
    thousands of hours over the years, and habits form fast.
    any source for this? cos here
    it says the top of monitor should be at eye level, cos its easier for eyes if they are looking down slightly. my main concern is eyes, not so much posture.

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    that's probably a result of evolution and/or adaption of the visual part of our brain. it really helps if you can (even if only unconciously) see what's shortly in front of your feet when you look straight ahead so you can focus on your prey while not tipping over every stone in your way. a good example where this can be seen in our modern world is typing on a keyboard. it gets a lot harder to hit the right keys when you can't see what's happening(for example because the keyboard is black and/or because the room is not bright enough) even if you don't look at it directly. on the other hand you gain almost nothing from the opposite because there is pretty much nothing interesting above eye level(in nature, for a human). also, the brow ridge greatly reduces our up-vertical field of view

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    here are my 2 cents:

    1) Make sure r_displayrefresh is set to the real refresh rate of your monitor for given resolution. It might increase feels of responsivenes of the game

    2) If you cant find your perfect sensitivity (sometimes you aim too far, sometimes too close), change your mouse to one of pointed. WMO would be good choice. With that kind of mouse your aim will be more consistent.

    These too variation from default improves my game most

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    So what about the G400? From the PID LZ13333 on it has a flawless sensor as far as I know. And I havent heard of any other issues.

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    Great guide! Thanks!

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    Is it possible to change the color of frag message? If it is, then how?

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    Is it possible to change the number of lines in chat history? If it is, then how?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cubicar View Post
    Is it possible to change the number of lines in chat history? If it is, then how?
    I think it was added... cg_chatHistoryLength iirc
    "I worked hard to learn to aim where I shouldn't be aiming, I want others to get through this pain too!"
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    I mess arround with my fov/sens settings a lot more regularly than I used to, and I knew my HUD was broken in a lot of game modes so I hadn't updated my CFG here in a while.

    Finally finished my degree, so I fixed up the hud with all the new game modes, made sure skulls show up in harvester even, and uploaded what I've been playing with today in Post 4 yakumo_2012.zip

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