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Thread: Colored clan tag - possible ?

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    Colored clan tag - possible ?


    is it currently possible to set color on clan tag ? If yes - how ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Junior Member zob1ch is on a distinguished road
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    possible, when you register your clan define it in your shortname (but you won't have a preview so don't make mistakes or you'll have to delete it and create again)
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    Senior Member Yakumo has a spectacular aura about Yakumo has a spectacular aura about Yakumo has a spectacular aura about Yakumo's Avatar
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    This should be one of the first features to be added as the clan system is being worked on, obviously they know everyone wants to be able to colour their tags

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    +1 for id's efforts so far, I am very happy that they have given us a great game thus far. I will continue to support there site as a Pro member as they have given the game to us for free for over 1 1/2 years.

    I think they deserve a pat on the back an well done with the site an the game.

    Also for all y'all haters look at it this way mate from a biz stand point.

    Servers cost money right? well if there was no subscriptions to pay for the servers then this game would of died out in about 2 to 3 years TOPS.

    Second of all, More money = more dev persons they can hire = more maps to be made = happier members.

    Like I said this game could not survive without the great team of ID and its supporters.

    You can't expect a company like ID who are the founding fathers of FPS and ONLINE Gaming to sit back and shove out thousands of dollars a month to run multiple servers from the USA all the way to JAPAN. For you to ask that is INSANE.

    That is really all I have to say on that matter
    I bid a good day to all and to the ones who bought a membership as well I thank you for helping everyone else support a great game and also helping ID keep the game free for the persons that don't have the cash to toss out for a Prem or Pro account.

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    Tainted, your Post is totally useless when you look at the topic.
    It was about colouring clantags and not about getting as deep as possible in ids theater of rectal campgrounds.

    and wow, you are a member of djwehat.tv and sk-gaming. must be real pro. not.

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    yes u can, register a tag with color code, everyone in your clan will have that tag, but there is a little bug, if tha last letter of the tag is colorated, the color code goes to the name during: connected, disconnected, join red/blue and even in the chat. so is reccomanded to add white color code at the end of the tag or add white color code at the beggining of the name, if added to name, everyone in clan will have to add it.

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    When creating the clan, at the Clan Tag field... U just put the colors...
    In my clan BRA, i did like this: ^2BR^3A
    So, "BR" is green and "A" is yellow.
    If u want to change later the clan colors... ull must disband ur clan and create again, with the new colors.

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    I tryed this while creating my clan tag. It told me I cant use numbers in my name. I did it like this:


    (red A) (purple o) (red A)

    Any help ? Thanks.

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    Senior Member swampy has a spectacular aura about swampy has a spectacular aura about swampy's Avatar
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    The creator of the clan or clan officers are the only ones allowed to change/format clan colors. The color will then apply to all clan members...

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    just the clan leader can change the color

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