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Thread: Team balence

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    Team balence

    first off - LOVE @ QuakeLive.. this is my fav multiplayer game ever.

    I feel that this game needs much better team balance for the team based arenas. Mostly CTF in my experience. I hardly ever play ctf because every single time I do, it seems like I wind up on a team with 2 other players against a team of 6-8 players. Basically this makes the object of the game to get on the good team, rather than play CTF, TDM or CA. Hell, last night I found myself the only player on blue vs 7 ppl on red. How is that even remotely fun?

    I think the game should restrict odd numbered teams. If there are 2 teams, and 7 players.. 1 person should be forced to spectate till the server can make 2 even numbered teams after an 8th player joins.

    Again, I love this game, but when I loose at CTF 8-0 because its 2 vs 6, I leave the game feeling cheated, and that shouldn't be the case.

    Just my 2 cents

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    Here too often instead of playing QL...
    In before the whining whiner posts...

    This DOES happen and the majority team(s) refuse to create balance...

    Not always but mostly...
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