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Thread: Creat a unranked game?

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    Junior Member DarthVectivus is on a distinguished road
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    Creat a unranked game?

    Why can't we who have Pro/Premium creata a unranked game? Besides from instagibb?
    It would be really awesome to do that so you can for example play unranked practice duels against a friend or such.. Or can you and I'm just blind!?

    Sorry if this has been brought up before, I searched but didn't find anything..

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    Member dru1d is on a distinguished road
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    Aug 2010
    I think there should be a clear option to create a standard unranked match aswell. Changing the gravity should make it unranked, so just change it by 1. You won't notice the difference.

    edit: ah, you only get the instagib option when creating a standard match. I don't think there's anything you can do...
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