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SpiterBot is not Artificial Intelligence it's basically bots with special abilities. In the video when the bot makes b2r it is clearly visible that it's just a quick hack to make the bot actually land the jump - it does not strafe.
True. What does really matter, though, is that it actually is able to mimick a move that a real, human opponent of decent skills is highly likely to perform - in other words, a move with which you will eventually have to find a way to deal if you ever hope to level your game up. That the bot ultimately has to resort to cheating in order to perform this move is, with all due respect, irrelevant: a bot basically is (or should be, hence this thread) nothing more than a cheating program designed to emulate a human player to the best standards.

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The aim of the bot is ridiculous and not even near anything acceptable.
Once again, true. However:

- spite is set to the hardest difficulty level of 100 in the video.

- KETNAR has already mentioned the opportunity to tweak the text files from which bots get their aiming characteristics, among other things.

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AI coding is not the simplest thing on earth.
This, my friend, is so true that it eventually led me to post this very thread. Once again, those are merely my suggestions, but I believe that truly competitive bots could benefit a not-so-negligible number of Quake Live players, especially those who want to practice simpler, more basic maps than those of the QuakeCon map pool.

Thank you all for your answers.