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Thread: Site Update - November 16, 2010

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    Site Update - November 16, 2010

    Today's update, QUAKE LIVE Premium Pak 4, introduces 2 new arenas to QUAKE LIVE, 20 new premium awards, and our first of many advanced server options. While many changes are still planned for our new advanced server options, we hope that everyone enjoys the new level of freedom that we are now offering to Pro subscribers, the Premium players, and the Standard users whom we hope you invite to Premium servers to check out the content before upgrading!

    Premium Maps Added:
    • Evolution (Small CA):
    This small Rocket Arena 3 level crafted by Till Merker, author of Thunderstruck and Theatre of Pain, is an instant classic. Two open platforms at the top level provide light cover from direct fire, while a teleporter at the bottom of the map allows quick access to high ground. If you get caught at the bottom, you can attempt to make an escape toward the tunnels in the back of the map, but be careful that your opponent does not get the drop on you through the jumppad shaft in the back. Evolution is best played in Small Clan Arena, with up to 4 players.
    • Three Story (Small CA):
    This small Rocket Arena 3 level crafted by Mike Burbidge, author of Japanese Castles, has received a fresh coat of paint, and looks better than ever. A large building houses two jump pads to bring you up to the synonymous third story of the level. Here you are connected to perilous catwalks, which are especially dangerous with our new Premium Damage Through Floors match setting enabled. If the enemy has taken the high-ground, don't give up yet, as a tunnel wraps around the outer edge of the arena, leading into a building and up a level giving you position to mount an attack on any fortified position. Like Evolution, Three Story is best played in small Clan Arena matches.
    Web Updates:
    • New advanced server launch features: Customize your premium match in more ways than before. Toggle power-ups, runes, damage through floors, ramp jumping, change gravity, weapon switch speed, and quad damage factor. More server settings will be available in future updates.
    • 20 New Premium Awards: Premium and Pro users now have 20 new awards to set their sights on.
    • Added Awards to Recognize Past Events: QuakeCon 2008, 2009, 2010; DreamHack Summer 2010; IEM5 NA, IEM5 Gamescom
    • New employee awards for playing alongside the Quake Live staff.
    • Fixed Default Values: Found and resolved the issue that was causing some default values to be improperly set. New users or existing users who use the 'Reset Settings Defaults' will now have the correct default values for: autoswitch, color1, color2, forceEnemyModel, fov, hitbeep, sensitivity, and rate.
    • Changed training process: The once-mandatory match against Crash has been completely removed. New players are now placed in an assessment period before skill matching begins to take place.
    • Various back-end changes to improve search-engine visibility and optimizations. This will eventually allow Google and other search engines to index the whole site, including player profiles.

    Notable Map Updates:
    • Inner Sanctums - Added ceiling supports to lower red entrance hall, that existed only on blue side.
    • Overkill - Fixed clipping in teleporter side hall that could cause players to get stuck.
    • Purgatory - Restored missing 50hp at **, Fixed columns at RA
    • Retribution - Fixed a clip in the 'back hallway' that could cause players to get stuck.
    • Sacellum - Fixed & relaxed clipping near building rooftops.
    • Solid - Fixed misaligned and misplaced textures.
    • Window Pain - Fixed issue that was causing RL to not spawn

    Infrastructure Changes:
    • We have migrated our database over to an entirely new back-end system. This should not affect site functionality, and everything should work as it did before.
    • Various back-end daemons have been brought out of the database into their own subsystems for scalability.

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    veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery nice update ... keep up the good work
    idL windam

    ... check out the idL QLSA list here : QLSA "QuakeLive SecretAwards" (2011-Nov) warning: NOT up to date

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    Senior Member kamk is on a distinguished road
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    near the void
    Very nice update, and i look forward to test alot of it. Hopefully you guys bring ra3map1 arena3 as well soon :>

    Any of the advanced features gonna be standard sooner or later? Like damage through floors, ramp jump, or weapon switch time? Im kinda wondering if its good for the gameplay to actually get a different set all the time.
    void addict.

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    Member Mackenzieee is on a distinguished road
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    sick how long usually before we will be able to play? just curious..i wanna play right now heheheheh

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    Junior Member Reaper_man is an unknown quantity at this point
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    a new Vortex Portal pk3 was downloaded... what changed there?

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    Junior Member Ragnarok_ is on a distinguished road
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    Wow. Good job.

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    Senior Member vanBasten is on a distinguished road vanBasten's Avatar
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    Clan tags are bugged.
    In my case Show me as a "PARTY" clan member(I was a member of that clan months ago), but my actually clan tag is "Marco".

    Just go to clans deativate your clan and then activate it.

    And BOALA.

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    Junior Member Br4z1L is on a distinguished road
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    Great Job!

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    Bling bling.

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    Junior Member TheLegacy is on a distinguished road
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    You guys are doing a good job.

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