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Thread: Payment issues..

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    Junior Member FisHBone is an unknown quantity at this point
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    Same problem here in France.
    BNP Paribas - Visa Credit Card
    Societe Generale - Visa Credit Card

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    Senior Member ybl is on a distinguished road ybl's Avatar
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    u can send ur monny to me, iŽll transfer it to id

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leadcore View Post
    I don't have noscript installed....its gotta be an issue with their payment vendor. Hopefully they are pci compliant!
    out of ideas then. I had exact same message for about 30 min last night until I realised my browser was blocking connections to one place. Once I allowed it the payment went through fine.

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    Junior Member YaZoR is on a distinguished road
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    Well I tried again this morning, no good.

    Tried again this afternoon, no good.
    Tried again a minute after. Success!!

    I didn't nothing different, even used credentials I had already saved in the forms.
    Completed on Fedora 13 x86_64 running Firefox 3.6.7 with no extensions/add-ons.

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    lots of cards wont work ... :/ i need w8 for paypal like lots of other ppl

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    Member perpetual_war is on a distinguished road
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    any progress on fixing this ?

    Anyone ?

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    Junior Member toddie is on a distinguished road toddie's Avatar
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    I've got the same problem, can someone clarify on what noscript is and how to turn it off

    edit: simple google search gave me the answer
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    Quote Originally Posted by rizzah View Post
    So yeah, im sitting here wanting to give id money, they dont seem to want it. When I try to make a payment I get "We could not process your order. Please verify your information and try again." message over and over.

    Iv tried three diff cards, Maestro/Solo/Visa... none have worked, each one has came up with the same message. My info is 100% accurate, the cards have more than enough money on.

    I know what the verification code is when using the visa(last 3 digits on the back), the maestro/solo cards dont have an issue number.

    No one I know has a credit card, if they did im sure they wouldnt lent me it to put their details up on some website.

    What can I do?
    Hi rizza and other players suffering from this error,

    There has been a few bugs with European Pro purchases within the past few days, and sadly you're a victim of one. If you read the August 8th changeblog you find they had to temporarily discontinue support for the maestro card.

    Regarding your other cards, they seem to be supported so there's most likely a bug in the payment system on id or the card companies end, or possibly wrong card information typed in. You'd be surprised how many users simply entered the wrong info in.

    I can tell you the QL development team has released one hotfix for various bugs, and I would assume another one will be hitting production shortly to address a few more post launch bugs. With a massive update involving all the legalities behind money transferring etc, we were bound to see some type of "growing pains" the few first days.

    I would suggest joining us on irc (#quakelive.support on Quakenet) and speak with myself, or another op, so we can provide more information into your issue and get you closer to being able to pay for your account.
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    Junior Member FADPoiSoN is on a distinguished road
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    I was wondering if it's possible to change the currency I pay in? Mine selects euro 1.99 but I do have a american credit card as well and would rather use that one... since it's cheaper

    also I was wondering. Because you actively target the European marked and even have to pay our own VAT I was wondering if our law applies to it as well because here in Holland you can't automatically renew a subscription for a year. After one year contract the payment should be monthly and we should be able to cancel subscription any month.

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    Another weird thing that i remember happening to me last night was a message that showed when i pressed the last ENTER after you put the security CODE, and it was something like "ORDER CANCELLED" You have just cancelled your Suscription or something like that?? ***??? Did i ever suscribed and didnt noticed? The ERROR message was showing and i was already a premium member and then i cancelled it by mistake thinking I wasnt? Really I don't have a clue.


    Another thing that comes into my mind right now its the idea to post some Tutorial about how to complete the SUSCRIPTION FORM with examples to avoid ppl to keep on entering the wrong data everytime and maybe causing the CC's central to block any further operation since they receive maybe the lots of failed tries at using the CC.

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