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    If you are having payment issues, please try these suggestions :

    Quote Originally Posted by baghiDog View Post
    -Dont use UPPERCASE letters !!!! (first name and last name in lowercase)
    -no stranges caracters like (+.-*/")
    -phone number : Dont use +4154... replace "+" by 00 ( +4122 --> 004122)
    -be sure you dont invert lastname, firstname
    - City name must be in english (genève --> geneva)

    By in english this quote is suggesting using english character set only. (a-z, 26 chars, no accents)

    Some locations and card types are not able to pay at this time, the QuakeLive team is working with their banking system to bring support for those locations as soon as possible.

    I strongly suggest disabling noscript and adblock plugins or using a browser or browser session with them disabled.

    Rather strangely some users with American Express have reported payment for them only worked via Internet Explorer instead of their normal browser.

    Prepay cards which have an option on the back for a place to contact the bank and place a billing address to the pre-paid card's account should if nothing else (see the below quote)

    Prepay American Express apparently do not work.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lam View Post
    Prepaid virtual cards that you can get without leaving home:

    I haven't used either of them, but both were suggested in other places by QL players.
    An unknown error has occurred. Please try again later - this can mean a problem with GeoIP tracking and usually using a proxy / disabling proxy helps.

    If you try a few times and get "We could not process your order. Please verify your information and try again.", you can get blocked and it won't accept any more payments from that card for some time, please contact Support.

    please email [email protected] for assistance if nothing in this thread helps, the forum is user to user support, they cannot help further.
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