I thought some general guidelines for the Clan Recruitment Section would help make this sub-forum easier to use, and more effective as a means for clans/teams to recruit players.

First and foremost, all normal forum rules apply. If you aren't familiar with these, they are linked in my signature.

The only extra rules I think may be needed are:
  • Please bump your thread a maximum of once a day.
  • Please leave drama within/between clans out of this forum.

Some Guidelines (meaning, not mandatory or rules) that I think would make this forum a lot more helpful for all who would use it, are as follows.

For Clans/Teams:
  • Make your thread titles informative. ex. ThisClan is Recruiting Gametype Players
  • Keep the first post in your thread updated with any new information prospective members should know.
  • A link to your Clan/Team webpage or forums, is never a bad idea.
  • Be clear in what gametypes you play, what skill level you are looking for, and weather you are formal, or informal.
  • Location is vitally important, if you are a NA clan, you want to make sure that you aren't inundated with requests from EU players for example.

For Players:
  • Keep your thread title informative.
  • In your post, list what gametypes you play, your location, your relative skill level, and whether you want a competitive or a casual clan/Team.
  • Once recruited, feel free to ask that your thread be locked, so that teams don't waste time trying to recruit you.