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Thread: Search Button - How to use it

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    Search Button - How to use it

    I'm noticing an increase in threads lately that all have to do with the same topic. It's starting to get annoying, but here's how to avoid that. (Also, get over the fact that these pictures are jpg and not png)
    Step 1: Finding your local Search Bar

    Once you have found your local resident Search Bar, it's time to introduce yourself. Write in the topic of the thread you are going to post and then have a click on the little magnifying glass to the right of the bar!

    Step 2: Advanced Search
    This here is your friendly neighbor. His/her name is "Advanced Search" They like to be helpful, but only when you enter some info for what you're looking for. I've taken the time to enter some meaningful info known as "Matches not showing up" This lately has been the topic that no one seems to want to search for. Then, click on the "Search Now" and maybe we'll get somewhere!

    Step 3: Meeting your friends, the "Search Results"
    This here is my good friend, "Search Results". They're wonderful with giving you the info that you've sent to "Advanced Search" Take special note of the thread titled "Match & Statistics Reporting, as you'll notice the snazzy fellow named "SyncError" started it, and when SyncError talks, that means it must be important. Let's have a dandy old time, and click on that fancy little block of text,

    What's that? You've got a new window or tab opened up with the URL of: ?
    Read it and be enlightened.

    This has been a presentation brought to you by Pikaluva13 Productions.
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