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Thread: NGL National Gaming League - Live Tournaments

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    Senior Member monstaaar is on a distinguished road
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    QL fans really would love to see more events.

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    Junior Member ultra is on a distinguished road
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    I totally agree, the more tournaments the better, but as _adderall pointed out, you cannot just 'host a quake live LAN' - you need to be officially sanctioned by ID Software, have them deploy staff with servers containing private and pretty heavily protected proprietary intellectual property. Now if you actually have the means to host a Quake Live LAN I am all for it, I just am somewhat skeptical as to the feasibility of that. and as far as your domain whois information, that's fine. But our websites and domains have been under change, over time originating as nationalgamingleague.org then the-ngl.com then thengl.org and now back to the-ngl.com. This explains the lack of activity that you noted on that particular out dated domain. But if you look on irc.gamesurge.net in #thengl we're currently running a tournament right now, and have been one of if not the only league to run any kind of sponsored prize based 4v4 CTF & 4v4 CA tournaments for the North American market of Quake Live. At least this is accurate to the best of my knowledge but we've done what we can to help promote ID Software and Quake Live. We operate popular team based tournaments, which are a bit more complex to operate compared to Duel tournaments ( 32 players vs 160+ players in some of our 16 Team CTF or CA tournaments ). We by all means do not want to discourage the Popularization of ID Software's Quake Live through the expansion of Tournament opportunities and diversity, we simply want to discourage any sort of confusion that might result from two entities claiming the name of The National Gaming League (NGL) within the same e-Sports Community, I hope you can understand how this might be somewhat confusing to the North American Quake Live community who is familiar with my National Gaming League? If you would like to discuss this further, please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] or contact me on irc.gamesurge.net in #thengl I go by "NGL-Ultra".

    Pardon me if I came off a bit abrasive in my initial post, I was not intending to discourage any kind of promotion of ID Software and or Quake Live through Competitive Tournaments. I was only seeking to prevent confusion from what I perceived as overly similar League attributes.

    Michael "NGL-Ultra" Cutshall
    National Gaming League(c) 2008-2011 ( [email protected] )

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