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Thread: QUAKE LIVE Producers, Please Read - Suggestion for future update

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    QUAKE LIVE Producers, Please Read - Suggestion for future update

    I have an advertising campaign set up for four potentially new QUAKE LIVE arenas, similar to the one for Premium Pak 3. Hopefully this will encourage the QUAKE LIVE producers to place these maps on here. I might even make a promotional image, to make it an even harder offer to resist. The maps were NOT made by me, but from various people who designed maps for contests, OSP, RA3, and CPMA.
    • Crossed Paths (CTF):
    This memorable CTF map from the Orange Smoothie Productions mod, created by Daniel "DrunkenBoxer" Lanicek, is geared towards furious, competitive matches of 6 - 10 players. An aptly named arena, Crossed Paths features a rapid transit system of intersecting passageways, as well as a shield-protected flag, placing equal emphasis on both offense and defense.
    - Click here for map link -
    • Hideout (Large CA):
    An extremely large and open arena from the Rocket Arena 3 mod by David "SgtGhost" Levesque, Hideout is a great choice for Large CA matches consisting of up to 16 players, as well as other gametypes. The map allows for several different styles of play at specific, strategic locations, and also contains many hiding places and escape routes, making this one of the most exciting Clan Arena maps to enter QUAKE LIVE.
    - Click here for map link -
    • Rustic Steel (2v2 TDM):
    This map was an entry to the Winter 2009 NoGhost Mapping Competition, by Markus and Robert. Although it did not score first place, it still manages to provide excellent gameplay and a rock-solid gothic atmosphere. The layout highly promotes fast-paced vertical action and is best suited for 2v2 TDM, although it also plays well in FFA, Clan Arena, Duel, and Freeze Tag.
    - Click here for map link -
    • Use of Weapons (Duel):
    From Cristopher "Decker" Ellison, the creator who brought us "Wicked" comes yet another fantastic, competitive dueling map from the Challenge Pro Mode mod. Rich in connectivity, visuals, and gameplay, this multi-leveled gothic keep will leave you hungry for more one-on-one action, and is also suitable for FFA or small teamplay.
    - Click here for map link -

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    Cool maps bro. The Use of Weapons would be great. It would be really tough with only rl, lg, nades, and sg.

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    I'm the author of Use of Weapons (also known as cpm10) and would be very happy to see it included in Quake Live. I'm not sure how I would go about offering it though.

    Christopher "Decker" Ellison
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