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Thread: Video: Quake Live Double Jumping (chainjumping)

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    Red face Video: Quake Live Double Jumping (chainjumping)

    Hi folks,

    So, we've got this thing called chainjumping. Since it's a new thing, I decided to find new jumps and tricks before someone else shows them to me. Most of the jumps aren't very difficult to master, so the purpose is to both educate and entertain.

    I ended up using a lot more time with this than I first intended but I think the result is worth it. Tell me what you think. Also, discuss the new jumps :]

    HD 720p available on Youtube.

    3/11/2010 - some new jumps

    Download [no longer available]
    asylum-notuseful.dm_73             // but it's fun
    asylum-useful.dm_73                // to confuse the opponent in CA :)
    furious-gl_to_rl.dm_73             // fastest way from GL to upper RL
    intervention-jumps_from_rail.dm_73 // the last two jumps in this demo are just easier now
    quarantine-ca_spawn.dm_73          // useful for quick regroup at nest in CA
    solid-cg_to_mega.dm_73             // the new map Solid seems to be designed around a central mega that
                                          can be approached from all directions with chainjumps for a quick snatch
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