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Thread: Quake Live Strafe Jump Troubleshooting (tutorial video)

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    Quake Live Strafe Jump Troubleshooting (tutorial video)

    I got some positive responses last time i posted this video on the old forums, so here it is again for you newcomers.

    A tutorial video aimed at improving the strafe jumping of begginer/intermediate players by explaining what makes you go faster.
    Includes a demo of a 530 ups circle jump and lane 8 on raz3rs map with keypresses, speedometer, and slow motion.

    Map link (click me)

    If you see blackness, then join the red team!!

    Installation Instructions: (copied from RAZ3R's original thread)

    Extract the pk3 from the zip file and place it in your baseql folder, which is located:

    Vista/win7 - Code:
    %AppData%\..\LocalLow\id Software\quakelive\baseq3
    XP - Code:
    %appdata%\id Software\quakelive\baseq3
    (thanks mental)

    Then right click on the pk3, go to properties, then check 'read only' (if you don't do this quakelive will delete the file). Then start up a CTF bot game and from the console (ctl+alt+`) type 'map raztrainql_beta3', join the red team, and you're done.

    Mac instructions (thanks to mAKKEH):
    1. Unpack the file by doubleclicking it. There will be a separate file called raztrainql_beta3.pk3 in the file you decided to unpack it in.
    2. Rightclik the file, press "Show Info", and press the hatch "Locked", to make it locked.
    3. Browse to user/Library/Application Support/QuakeLive/quakelive/baseq3/ , and move the file here.
    4. Open up a CTF Bot game, open console, and type 'map raztrainql_beta3'.
    5. Join the red team
    5. Enjoy

    Linux instructions (thanks to Salamatiqus)
    Linux How-To
    1) Copy map to "/home/%username%/.quakelive/quakelive/baseq3/" folder
    2) Open up Terminal and move to Quake Live's directory by typing:
    cd /home/%username%/.quakelive/quakelive/baseq3
    3) Make maps undeletable to prevent Quake Live's rage for 3rd party maps.
    Become root (sudo or su, maybe you will need go to baseq3's folder again), then type into terminal:
    chattr +i raztrainql_beta3.pk3
    4) Start a CTF training match with bots (or without them )
    5) Bring Console (` or ctrl+alt+`) and type:
    \map raztrainql_beta3
    6) Join the red team.
    7) Train your skills

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