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Thread: Game won't install (hangs at plugin download screen)

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    Game won't install (hangs at plugin download screen)

    The game was working before the recent server upgrade (QUAKE LIVE Premium Pak 3.)
    but It hung on first run after the upgrade,
    he installation doesn't continue past the ..

    "Plugin Installation

    Your download will begin in a few moments. If it doesn't, click here to try again.

    Setup will continue after you have run the installer..."

    so I uninstalled it and re-installed the plugin, I did notice that the plugin has changed from QuakeLiveNP_382.msi to QuakeLiveNP_401.msi.
    It doesn't work with either plugin.
    I've tried Firefox 3.6.8 and IE 8 numerous times full settings reset etc...but nothing now works.

    any suggestions ?


    EDIT I just ran the plugin and selected repair, on completion it asked me for a system reboot ?? for a firefox plugin ??
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    Senior Member meister is on a distinguished road meister's Avatar
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    hi, im having a problem similar,

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    Fixed?...how?.....why do you guys edit your original post and remove all text, when you manage to fix something ?

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    Same here,, since last night when needed new plugin it does the same thing.... when i try to join a match it says "You are downloading equired data and must finish before you can play online....BUT ive already downloaded the thing numerous times!!! but a whole day later its still saying this!!!!

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    Same problem here.

    I can't install QL plugin for Firefox and Opera. I get error msg. Restarted pc, same problem.

    I can install IE plugin but it still asks me to install it everytime. Even if I remove it and install it again.

    So I can't play the game at all. Tried 3 browsers.

    Everything worked fine before the last update.

    Please help

    error msg



    I uninstalled the plugin with Windows Installer Clean Up utility. Now it works.
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    Fragging hell I tried cleaning out all traces in the registry too same thing...no go...., one thing I have noticed is the plugin msi stalls when installing..... like it's struggling to do something ...no error messages for me tho.
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    Member Trajan is on a distinguished road
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    Try Chrome.

    If that doesn't help, then uninstall completely, make sure you've deleted the id Software folder, and check for traces.
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    All is cool...I just upgraded to Firefox 3.6.12 works perfectly now.
    ..oh yeah.....*f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-fixed*...lol

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    use another web browser, i had the same problem with Chrome, then i changed to Firefox and it works....
    Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome use the same plugin, so it works

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    Junior Member NightSymph is on a distinguished road
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    Doesn't work for me...
    I uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox... and the quakelive plugin using windows XP "add or remove programs"..
    And nope...
    It stays stuck at 0%


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