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Thread: Site Update - October 26, 2010

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    Quote Originally Posted by e4g7e View Post
    Don't be upset, it's just a game. You play for quad damage item or for the gameplay itself?
    LOL quad is gameplay. Timing it, acquiring it and holding on to it IS gameplay. Carrying the flag out of the enemy base on your own with LG/RG+quad, catching up with the lead in FFA when there are seconds left till the end, gloving the quad carrier or railing him/her out of the map on dm17 IS gameplay. Quad damage is QUAKE not bfg or running around with a gauntlet.

    This is quad damage from QUAKE which is now the logo of QL:

    Have a nice day.

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    .................................................. ...
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    No point in upgrading Freeze Tag if your not going to allow spectator mode when you are dead. Coz if thats not there...no matter what you do to it....No Ones gona play it =x ....what a waste =o

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    Quote Originally Posted by maertz View Post
    People, before you rage mad about the quad being 3x damage, it was 3x in Quake 3 Arena as well.

    Not too fond of the physics change btw, you should reconsider, it's a 'messy' system imo.
    In Quake 3 Arena, Quad was infact 3x damage I believe but it also had:
    100 dmg rail
    1-100 RL splash dmg
    8 dmg/cell LG
    7 dmg/bullet LG

    Now we have weaker weapons and the same quad as q3a, doesn't seem right. If I had to guess, I'd say Quad was weakened because of the previous changes to **.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OzZ_oci View Post
    This is quad damage from QUAKE 4 which is now the logo of QL:
    No, the logo looks similair but is not completely the same

    Ow yeah, I forgot to whine.
    NOOOOO the lava pit in Finnegan’s base is gone. *cries*
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    Took you 2,5 years to notice my signature?

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    Fixed bot item knowledge, bots should better time items. <------ omfg

    ## - To print the character '#' <-- sensless i can also bind

    bind a "say_team #" its the same....
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    good work, keep like that!

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    Wth GUYS? CHAIN JUMP :O ? WTH ? -_- .

    So if i get it right you just want to get more noobs in to the game and you screw up the maps and old time players tactics. Yea , the old players can quit now, they are to good anyway. You just don't want the noobs to get frustrated they can make a proper jump or for being utterly dominated.

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    everything with this update is OK.
    let's say that reduced quad damage doesn't disturb me SO MUCH.
    but i DO mind chain jumping. omg ppl
    why do you ID want to make things like strafe jumping easier?!
    ok i'll ask a different question.
    why is QL so different (also) from other games?
    BECAUSE OF ITS MOVEMENTS! but now you made them reachable to every noob. they don't need to put any effort in reaching some place or item. everythings is easy. now they stopped crying because QL is not so hardcore game anymore and they can do everything in the first try. but listen guys. strafe jumping is one of the base things in Quake.

    you shouldn't change that.
    i mean it.

    btw: did any pro already comment this changes? did you also think about them or just about new players aka noobs?
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    quad(4)damage x 3 ???

    W T F!?

    I think it's the worst change ever made! EPIC!

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