Today's update, QUAKE LIVE Premium Pak 3, introduces 4 new arenas to QUAKE LIVE, chat tokens, FreezeTag adjustments and minor physics and weapon changes:

Premium Maps Added:
  • Finnegan’s (CTF):
Another classic CTF arena from the earliest days of Threewave and our friends "Casey" and "Zoid." Like ‘Bloodlust’ and ‘Courtyard’, Finnegan’s was originally created and released in late 1999 as part of a 3-pack of CTF maps for the original QUAKE III Arena. Finnegan’s is the smallest of the three maps, designed for 8-10 players. This level provides fast paced action through well crafted tight hallway routes that run both high and low between two fog-pit protected flag rooms. This arena has been a long-time highly requested favorite, and welcome its addition to the QUAKE LIVE CTF arena rotation with open glowing arms.
  • Gothic Rage (DUEL):
This dreary three story gothic abode encourages close range combat as players spiral about its three atriums and narrow corridors. Great for Duel, Free for All, and small team-play, Gothic Rage is reminiscent of original old-school Quake deathmatch arenas.
  • Solid (2v2 TDM):
Originally designed for fast and fun 2v2 matches, this Challenge ProMode Arena classic by “swelt” also offers some great opportunities for cat-and-mouse style Duels. Highly adaptive to varying gameplay styles, we expect this ‘solid’ piece of work to shine in 2v2 Team Deathmatch, Duel, Freeze Tag and Clan Arena.
  • Window Pain (Small CA):
This small Rocket Arena 3 level crafted by Adam Bellefeuille is a sibling to the recently released map, ‘Somewhat Damaged’. In Window Pain, 2-6 players fight for map control as they are partially separated by two retractable panes of glass in this simple but elegant two-room design. A favorite amongst many RA3 Duel Arena fans, we look forward to bringing this classic back to life.
Web Updates:
  • Fixed password prompt for privately launched servers preventing users from easily joining passworded matches. (Play Button Fix)
  • Added a new pre-roll video ad player for standard user's match joins.

Code Updates:
  • Added Chat Tokens for Subscribers. Works on online servers when used in 'Team Say' messages:
    • #h - Current health value
    • #a - Current armor value
    • #w - Current weapon & ammo count
    • ## - To print the character '#'
  • Added Chain Jumping (Small acceleration boosts gained by performing closely timed sequences of jumps).
  • Added 'Thaws' to the in-game and end-game scoreboard in FreezeTag
  • Added AutoThaw in FreezeTag, frozen players now auto-thaw after 120 seconds.
  • Added thaw tick sound in FreezeTag.
  • Added cg_drawCrosshairTeamHealthSize upon request, to allow you to set the font size (between 0.10f and 0.26f) of the teammate health/armor read-out on teammate crosshair hovers.
  • Added 'find' command to substring (case-sensitive) search the console history
  • Changed FreezeTag such that Quad & Battle Suit power-ups do not persist across FT rounds.
  • Changed the nailgun to now fire 10 nails @ 12 damage each (instead of 15nails x 8dmg).
  • Changed the nailgun spread from 500 to 400.
  • Changed the nail speed from 900 to 1000.
  • Changed Flight power-up into a holdable jetpack, hold the 'use' key to boost.
  • Changed Quad factor from 4x to 3x.
  • Changed Spectator CompHud Scoreboard highlight color, it (yellow) proved illegible on most streams and projections for Duel. I've kept the use of cg_team_colorized in team gametypes, but now use a higher contrast gray in non-team gametypes.
  • Changed Stepheight from 18 to 22.
  • Changed the default 'rate' value from 8000 to 16000, now restrict its range from 8000 to 25000.
  • Fixed hitching that would occur when connection was lost to the XMPP network.
  • Fix for telefrags not killing spawn protected players in instagib (which resulted in them becoming invulnerable, instead of telefragged).
  • Fix for double countdown in FreezeTag.
  • Fixed alias command string limit getting truncated to 64 instead of the full 256 characters.
  • Fixed cg_forceEnemyModel defaults to now properly load "keel/bright".
  • Fixed old qzdm3 demos to now properly redirect to 'hearth' instead of 'arenaofdeath'
  • Fixed bot item knowledge, bots should better time items.

Notable Map Updates:
  • Almost Lost (Team location information added)
  • Base Siege (Replaced Invincibility with Regen)
  • Hidden Fortress (Team location information added)
  • Purgatory (Swapped RG w/ SG near **, Moved ** RL closer to **)
  • Somewhat Damaged (Removed missing ambient sound)
  • Thunderstruck (Now cloudy with a 40% chance of precipitation)
  • Trinity (Fixed mh/quad spawn in FT)