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Thread: Basic Clan Arena guide by Grrrdian

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    bump - tho lots could be added
    Feel free!

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    Dont engage enemy if they are facing you. Run away from engagements and try to catch a different enemy in an awkward position. If they chase you lure them to your teammates. If you see a teammate fighting some1. Help no matter what.

    On that note

    Try to lure the enemy into thinking your an easy frag. When they attack you it's much more easy for you team to take out the enemy as they are concentrated on you and bunched up for easy pickens.

    I for 1 think grouping up is a very bad move. I've seen it so many times. The enemy groups up and eats spam and rails from every direction. Good players get chewed up just like the bad players. That strat doesnt give good players any room to shine.

    And on top of that it gets extremely boring when 2 teams bunch up in different areas and spam at each other from different room. I think maybe grrrdian doesnt enjoy playing CA as I see that frame of mind used from duelers who have no real depth in the CA world
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    Awesome guide, thank you.

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    Thanks man this is very helpful to a newb like me..
    some good things to know here...
    It is like I am on holy ground being here as far as the quake world goes..
    mmm the QL-bible we should make one lol

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