This is not written by me, I'm just posting it here. All credit goes to Grrrdian.

Clan Arena is, as the name implies, a game type that’s meant to be played as a team. The concept is simple: Two teams, with an equal number of players, face off against each other, equipped with all guns and plentiful health, armour and ammo. Last man (well, team) standing is the winner.

Playing CA is not so hard either. Most of this “guide” is really the fundamentals of Quake, and I’m sure many of the experienced players will “have a go” at me for even calling this a “guide”. The fact of the matter is, Clan Arena is not the most tasking of game styles in Quake Live. When compared to Team DeathMatch, Duel and Capture the Flag, the “tactics” and “strategies” in Clan Arena are fairly simplistic. In the words of many critics, CA is “all aim, no brain”. This is true, but only to an extent.

In my opinion, Clan Arena tests the basics and fundamentals of Quake. And so, here are some of those basics that you should know before you step into a serious game of CA. Knowing the Quake community in Australia, many of you will know all these things already, in which case, don’t read. Doh.

  • CA is all about dishing out damage without taking much in return. Every concept of CA is designed to achieve this basic aim.
  • So, know your weapons!
  • Use the right weapon for the right situation. This will always result in higher damage dealt. Higher damage means quicker kills, which means you’re taking damage for a lesser duration, which obviously means you’re taking less damage. If the enemy isn’t using the correct weapon for the range, then you can often escape with only minor injuries.
  • This is a rule of thumb, with very few exceptions: Use railgun at long range, rocket launcher at short range, lightning gun at mid range. Stick to this until you’re so good that you’ve realised that you should stick to this all the time.
  • For example: Railgun at long range. Spamming with rockets at long range is useless, you will not deal damage (lets be realistic, forget the lucky rocket to the face you got against some newb two months ago), while taking a LOT in return.
  • Also know how much damage each weapon does. Sort of obvious, but you should also know how many shots it takes with each weapon before an enemy dies.
  • Enemy will have 200hp, 100 armour. That basically means enemy has 300hp (For first 251hp of damage, armour absorbs 66%, then armour runs out, and remaining 49 hp is all direct). And so:
  • 4 rails to kill, each rail does 80 damage, reload time is 1250ms (1500ms?). After 3 rails, enemy will have the equivalent of 60 hp left. Use rail at long range.
  • 3 rockets to kill, each rocket does 100 damage, reload time is 800ms (0.8 seconds). Straight forward, 3 rockets are exactly enough to kill. There is NO self damage in CA. Splash damage can do a maximum of 84 damage to enemies. Use the new sound command (cg_HitBeep 2) to get an idea of how much splash damage you did. Rockets are weapon of choice for close range.
  • Rockets are also invaluable for their ability to potentially damage more than 1 enemy at once, to bounce enemies off edges (for example, in a 2v2, if you can bounce one guy off an edge, you can make it a 2v1 battle), to escape enemies by RJ’ing. Remember, you can RJ up to gain height, or RJ horizontally to gain a LOT of speed, very fast. In many cases in CA, RJ’ing can replace the circle jump.
  • LG does variable damage, depending on your range. As of writing this, its 7-6-5, close-mid-long. I’d say you need to LG someone for roughly 5 seconds in order to kill them, taking into account accuracy etc. LG is the weapon of choice for mid range. Use it at mid range, ignore it at your peril.

    Other guns worth mentioning, that can be useful occasionally:
  • SG, at the moment of writing this article, does 110 damage on a direct hit, with the inner ring doing more damage then the outer. The SG pellets spread is terrible, making it useful for pretty much only close to close-mid range. SG reload speed is 1000ms iirc. SG is slower then RL in reloading, and potentially more erratic in dealing damage, but is hitscan. RL also has the advantage in that you can RJ with it. Personally, I believe RL is better at start of rounds, but at end, SG can become a better weapon, especially because its hitscan, and after you’ve killed the last player on an enemy team, any projectiles they shot before death will not harm you. Also, SG is harder to choke with (for me anyway)
  • PG is a very hard weapon to master, but is extremely versatile. You can spam it at all ranges, and if it hits, it HURTS. Every hit does 20 damage (!), making PG the hardest hitting weapon in CA, by far and away.

Ok, that’s about all the info that I think every CA player should be aware of. I originally included dps for each weapon, but that doesn’t really say much about a weapon, cause accuracy isn’t 100% for every player. Its no where near 100%, I’d say not even 50% for most weapons.


Continued in part 2