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Thread: Basic CTF guide by Grrrdian

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    Basic CTF guide by Grrrdian

    Another quality guide by Grrrdian. Please note that I did not make this, I'm just posting it for everyone to see.

    CTF Tips and Strategy: Basics

    I’ve written the CTF guide with clans in mind. You can apply all these principles in normal pickup games, and even public servers. It’s nothing too complex.

    CTF part 1: Binds / Communication

    CTF is a team game. you wont get anywhere if you don’t work together. Maybe you can do a FFA style game in a pub (to an extent), but in a clan war, you won’t stand a chance. Besides, even in pubs, binds can be very useful / helpful. These should be bound:

    • bind X "say_team ^1Flag going ^2BOTTOM!” // Tell team about outgoing enemies with flag
    • bind X "say_team ^1Flag going ^2TOP!” // same
    • bind X "say_team ^1Flag going ^2MID!” // same
    • bind X "say_team "^3No / Can’t"" // NEGATIVE key
    • bind X "say_team "^2Yes / Ok"" // AFFIRMATIVE key
    • bind X "say_team "^1Base screwed, need help""
    • bind X "say_team "^2Base clear""
    • bind X “say_team “Get ready for powerups”

    these are the bare basics you need. You can add other stuff too, but everyone should have these. Replace the X with a key of your choice. When you start playing, you’ll figure out what else you want to have, or you’ll see others use binds that you think may be useful (for example, “Enemy Incoming High/Mid/Low” if you’re a defender).

    CTF Part 2: Roles

    yrim from clan c9 (placed 1st in q3 ctf at quakecon 2k3, 2nd in quakecon 2k4):
    “its important to assign roles (eg x and y attack, a b and c defend). you learn nuances about defending/attacking on different maps the more you play, and it helps to have one person focused on one thing so they can improve at it.” -yrim

    That said, here is an article written by sh4un, from clan na:



    The basic mistake most people make is thinking that defence is only about aim. I've seen many good TDM players with nice aim that were really easy in CTF as def. So if it's not aim, what is important? The most important task is not to get fooled by the enemy. Killing people isn't hard since you have at least one mate with you, but you can both get fooled when the enemy is THINKING. And that is what this article is about.

    How to think when playing def? Teamwork is very important. You have to cooperate with your partner. One goes for armor or weapons - the other stays in position (preferebly on flag spot). Make sure you both have some stuff with you and that someone is around the flag all the time, don't leave it alone (well, depends on the map, but anyway), because that's a great opportunity for the enemy to steal it.

    Time the armor in your base: remember that YA respawns every 25s, RA 25 or 60s (depends on map). Having coach is obviously big advantage. If you have some Power-Ups (PUs) at base, it's important to time them as well. On q3wcp9 there is Regen right in your base, great for enemy attackers when you forget about it, so don't!

    When the flag is out, let someone who is closer to the Enemy Flag Carrier (EFC) follow him - there's no point in running through the whole map just to see the enemy cap - it's better to secure base before the enemy camps in it waiting for flag return. If the base was empty for a second, make sure no one is hiding in it - like above the flag on cpmctf2 or behind the flag on cpmctf1. It is crucial to have a secured base when your Flag Carrier (FC) is about to come in, so make sure the enemy stays out. One more thing about following EFC - use MG. Most times it's enough to kill him, especially when you don't have good RG aim or other good weapons. Even if you don't kill him, he will get damaged and can be hit by team mate of yours. (Guardian edit: I dont really agree with this. This is not a rule. I mean, logically, if the EFC is running, try to kill him asap. If you've been doing your job as defence, in most cases EFC will have <100 hp, no armour. that means one rail, one rocket, or 3-4 seconds of LG glue will kill him. So, JUST KILL THE EFC. in SOME cases MG is good, but by no means is it a rule that you should kill EFC with MG)

    Not to get fooled is the main objective for def - expect the unexpected. For example cpmctf2 gives the enemy a lot of possible ways to attack, make sure you pay attention and listen to doors when someone opens them etc.

    Oh and another thing - make wise use of LG, when you're following EFC it can speed him up, however it can as well make him bump in the wall, so just be careful.


    Middle in 4v4 games is generally not a best position, however you should be there when either flag is out (to help your FC or kill EFC). Not many players are capable of holding mid tight anyway, so I'd say you should stick either to def or attack, when you become experienced it's up to you though. You can always use this position for defence: 2 people at mid, 2 attacking, which is pretty offensive strategy, but can work if you have some great TDMers in your lineup.

    When your team mate grabs enemy flag, there might be some opponents at mid waiting for him - you should try killing them or at least disturbing instead of attacking other base, which is quite pointless as long as your team has enemy flag.

    If you're the one with flag, remember that rocket jumping might save you very often while attempting to pass mid. For example, when running through center on q3wcp9, you might drop down at YA, which will cause most enemies drop down to get to you, while you can rocket jump back to upper level and go score a point.


    There are lots of styles of attacking. First of all, there are two types of Attackers - supporting and running. Obviously the most important thing the runner has to do is to run, run, run AND think (to fool any chasers). Try to use different ways to attack, for instance cpmctf2 gives tons of possibilities - once in a while you can surprise enemy with coming from doors or stairs.

    What to do when enemy Defence seems unbreakable? Get some stuff, YA (do not steal it from your def, they need it more than you do!) and some weapons will do. Don't rush into base, try to sneak into it and then grab flag and get out as fast as possible.

    When you get out of base, grab some items on your way back to base - any health or weapons might be useful, because mid can be closed down by enemy in order to intercept flag you carry. This is another point where you have to fool enemy (or just kill them if you manage to); RJ usually works well and definately surprises enemies.

    What about the supporting guy? The main thing is to distract and hopefully kill the enemy in their base, making it easier for runner to capture the flag. Sneak in (use voice communication with your other mate, so you both attack from different sides!), get the enemies attention on you and try to inflict some damage on them. With good timing, your team mate will grab the flag and the enemy won't even notice it. Be sure to grab some stuff on your way to enemy base, so you can disturb them for a minute instead of just getting killed in two shots.

    What attacker has to do as well is to secure mid while your flag is out. Check if your defenders say what way EFC is coming out and wait for him

    (from: http://www.promode.org/wiki/index.ph...lag_Inside-Out)


    And in a bit more detail, in my own words with random hints and tips, I’ve laid out the roles of a standard 4-player team.

    1st Defender:

    • Has to stop enemies from taking flag.
    • Is the primary defender, so should not often be going away from flag. Use good judgement.
    • Enemies will not always fight you. Don’t be fooled or distracted by 1 enemy, only to let another take the flag.
    • Aim is NOT to kill enemies, aim is to defend the flag.
    • In doing so, kill enemies etc.
    • Armour, megahealth, powerups in your base are important, because they are an asset for you or they can prove a liability if taken by the enemy. If you’re dead, you cant defend flag, so be sure to stock up on health/armour. Try to time armour/MH.
    • If enemy team gets your flag, and successfully escapes base, DON’T chase. Tell your teammates early which direction flag escaped, then secure your base, make sure one of the attackers isn’t camped there.
    • If both teams have the enemy flag, your role changes to guarding the flag carrier. Remember to leave items for the Flag Carrier, but try to keep yourself topped off as well.
    • When powerup spawns, using good judgment, primary defender can push to mid, but try to distance yourself from the melee. Note “good judgment”. If enemy is attacking, or is likely to attack, don’t leave base for two reasons: Firstly, you need to secure your base, and secondly, if enemy is attacking, that means there are less of the enemy in mid, so powerup will be easier to secure, meaning you aren’t needed in mid anyway.

    Continued in part 2

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    2nd Defender (Defensive Mid or Offensive Defender)

    • 2nd defender is a bit more aggressive.
    • Isn’t supposed to stay on the flag, like 1st defender, but can stray a bit further away, even up to mid.
    • MUST help out with securing powerup, always push to mid.
    • MUST help out with securing mid when your team takes enemy flag, always push to mid. Kill anyone following your teams flag carrier etc, and feel free to make a call as to whether your teams flag carrier should or shouldn’t come through mid. For example, if the whole of the enemy is at mid, while you are by yourself, TELL your flag carrier “Mid UNSAFE” (or better yet, tell on Vent “Mid is screwed fellas” ;p).
    • You connect the defense with mid and the attack, so basically, put yourself in a position where you can aid primary defender at a moments notice, while at the same time you can get to mid when needed.
    • If you decide to be a defensive mid, you shouldn’t be killing enemies in mid, but rather, damaging them, making sure they don’t reach your primary defender with full health. (Middle shouldn’t be camped generally. Sure you can get a lot of kills, but every enemy you kill will spawn back in base, making it harder for your offense to attack.)
    • Remember, the team that controls mid has a very distinct advantage in attacking.
    • Sometimes, using good judgment, it is a good call to attack with your 2 attackers. For example, in some maps, when your team gets the powerup, its worthwhile to have 3 attackers.

    high quality version:
    video is of czm playing on cp9 in qcon2k4 i think. basically, its to highlight item timing and getting to mid once either flag is out. IN ANY SITUATION, just about, getting to mid once either flag is out is very important. I should point out that czm was 1st defender, but he still got to mid, in a 5v5 match too.
    Attacking Generally:

    Role of attackers isn’t so easy to define. Obviously they attack, and obviously their objective is to capture the enemy flag. A couple of things:

    • Your role is to strategically and tactically outmaneuver the defense. The great military theorist Carl von Clausewitz put it like this: "Tactics is the art of using troops in battle; strategy is the art of using battles to win the war."
    • That in itself isn’t very applicable to QL, but it sounded cool so I added it ;D
    • Anyway, the point is, you have to think tactically. Don’t mindlessly rush into enemy base over and over again. Although that CAN work, you have to make the call as to whether it is a good tactic or not. If the enemy team has 3 defenders, and you rush into their base by yourself time and time again… well, that’s not tactics, that’s just wasting time.
    • Try to work with the other attack(s). Best way to do it is to have the binds “Ready to attack” and “Attacking Now”. You can use this in pubs too, and you’d be surprised over how many people are willing to make the binds on the spot so they can work with you. Its more fun when you work together ;D
    • Here is something that shows this:

    or for a higher quality version http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MVFHAG9A
    Above is a raoul demo - from a nationscup finals, france vs Sweden. playing q3w7. watch how they attack. You can see what the coach does as well to help defence (ie uses timer), but the main thing to watch out for is the way they attack. Reason I got this demo is they use binds a fair bit. I’m not sure if they were using vent, they most likely were, but as you can see, binds can be used to say many necessary things quicker and easier than with vent. watch and see how they coordinate their attack. this is one way to attack, to coordinate with team and attack at same time, from different locations. KEEP ATTACKING, but be sure to attack with coordination.
    • It is better to wait 10-15 seconds and attack with your team, then to attack by yourself when you have no hope of succeeding.
    • When entering enemy base, let the person with lower hp/armour enter first. If you’re stacked, you want to be the stacked flag carrier. If you enter first while stacked, you’ll lose hp/armour and your attack won’t be as effective.
    • Try to time enemy RA/MH/Powerups. Every powerup/pickup you take makes you stronger and the enemy weaker.
    • Once in the cleared enemy flag room, the attacker with more HP and armour takes the flag. ALWAYS. Please don’t take flag when you are on 5hp, and you have a team mate right next to you who is sitting on 200/200.
    • Having a high score feels nice, but don’t let that feeling get in the way of you winning. If you are low on HP, see a stacked team mate, feel free to drop the flag. Let them cap. Who cares? There is no “I” in team etc ;p
    • The other attacker should escort the flag carrier ALL THE WAY BACK. There are so many people who just don’t escort. They see the flag taken by their team mate, right in front of them, and instead of escorting, they stay at enemy flag. Well duh your FC will die, you will get flag, but then chances are, you’re gonna die too.
    • When escorting, remember you can push the flag carrier with rail/lg, to speed them up.
    • If you are the flag carrier, try different routes of escaping. FOOL THE DEFENSE! That is to say, if you escape low, we know the defender will tell the team “flag going low”. So you can expect a couple of enemies waiting for you at mid, if the team is any decent. Now, as flag carrier, it is your job to fool the enemy, so if you RJ to top before getting to mid, or even soon as you reach mid, the enemy will be delayed by a couple of seconds… enough for you to go through mid on nearly all maps.
    • If you are going to be an attacker, a good idea is to start a practice match, with no bots. Then, try capturing the flag using different routes, and try to set a time record for capping for each route. For example, try capping without rj’ing (the most important one imo, lots of times you wont have enough hp to rj, but just enough to perhaps do a quick cap), capping by rj’ing through middle etc. Remember, RJ will help in getting height, but also in gaining speed.
    • If normal attacking isn’t working, try to build up your hp/armour with MH and RA, then get powerup, then attack with one of the defenders (so 3 people attacking).
    • Another way to attack in ctf is this: control mid till mid powerup spawns, then tank up as much as possible (powerups, armour/health etc), then attack. its fairly conservative, but in QL with runes, you can do this pretty much anytime. watch, this is blokey, again on cp9.
    high quality version:

    Its noteworthy that so many people from blokey's team were at mid when he reached there with the flag, making it an easy cap. If you've played cp9 at all, you'll know that getting through mid is quite tough at times.

    by x2|Grrrdian

    comments and thanking welcome, keep comments positive or constructive only

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    great work!

    thx you brought that guide to the QL forums - it really helped me

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    Nice work. Maybe this should be moved to the "Getting started" forum?

    Thanks for sharing!
    "I worked hard to learn to aim where I shouldn't be aiming, I want others to get through this pain too!"
    o . o . o . o

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    gj, this is also on http://www.4seasonsgaming.com/ along with others if you want to know

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    Quote Originally Posted by malk_ View Post
    Nice work. Maybe this should be moved to the "Getting started" forum?

    Thanks for sharing!
    Move all of the guides to getting started if you want. I really don't mind.

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    Good read!
    Off topic question:
    In the last video - where can I get the hud/config shown in the gameplay footage of "2.Ultra Defensive"?

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    Another good movie to watch is called 'what we did last summer' by clan RaWR - highlights some really good team play

    Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVI1KyWaciQ
    Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hl418...eature=related

    Own-age.com Link: http://www.own-age.com/vids/video.aspx?id=2721

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    how do you get spider crossing to run in QL?

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