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Thread: Defrag as QL - Mod

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    Quote Originally Posted by CeXeC View Post
    defrag is nice , i would like to see it like in quake2 jump beta mod , when u make possible jumps u get points and u can challenge players with points in specific trick maps or , races in specific race maps , but what would be also amazing if their is a target practice in such nice structured map that fits for the agenda , not FBI stand behind the line target shooting , but more like , with moving objects while doing a trick like triple jump or a place where u reach a window in ur side and have ur chance, like a bulls eye or a landing strip , it was also mentioned in defrag mod in quake3 , some beta maps had those light beams where u rail and the random light beams keep on changing u get my point in this ,. im just giving u a tip of my innovational prediction to how defrag could be better if introduced online, but if ur claiming the default defrag with default dull maps with default settings then = fail ,because what defrag is basically about nothing in the fun concept of overrall , it just evaluates the game engine boundaries , in how much a player could reach the limits of quake movement and styling moves , but in the end what u achieve from this is maybe better precision in movement and style , nothing much.

    my headsup for u , is the bolded text.

    Bolded Text for defrag

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    I would love to see defrag in QL. So many games have split communities because of issues like this. Im amazed defrag isnt implemented after this many years ?

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    pls, pls, pls we need that so badly!!!! defrag4eva
    q3defrag4eva greetz to

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    if id software implemented defrag for only premium/pro subscribers, i'd definitely buy pro and im sure some other people would too...maybe thats good for business...DEFRAG NOW PLS D

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    Suggestion: Defrag mode

    It would be wonderful to play Defrag mod on QL!

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    Junior Member Alfa is on a distinguished road
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    I think this would be much useful than playing defrag in q3. Also it would improve a lot strafing on players. Agree 100% on adding a defrag mod.

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    I have nothing against DeFRaG, but I would be much more pleased with the appearance of new maps for already existing game types.

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    LOL, DeFrag sucks. I just tried it, certainly stands up to his name. Stupid modification shouldn't be in Quake Live, sorry no.


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    Edge of the Earth

    I cannot believe this hasn't been posted yet, but nonetheless, it should. (I used the search function, it didn't come up with anything, anyways..)

    Edge of the Earth - RenkQ3

    This is a must watch for ALL DeFRaG players/fans. I personally love the demonstration and cannot get enough of it, and I agree, DeFRaG should somehow be implemented into Quake Live, free or not, it's just not the same as without it, without the ability to play it "your way". Whether or not Quake Live is in any way affiliated with the Quake series (legally and otherwise), it would be an amazing addition to Quake Live.
    Some people may not be too open to the idea(yet, I don't believe Quake players can resist the temptation to grow beyond themselves and expand), but hey, not everyone plays FFA, yet it's still there.

    I hope something is done regarding this massive demand.

    Save your soul.

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    voted yes

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