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Thread: Defrag as QL - Mod

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    vote yes please!

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    Senior Member Venser is on a distinguished road Venser's Avatar
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    Just started playing defrag recently and it's really annoying to switch between 2 games cause the physics are a bit different and I couldn't get sensitivity to feel quite the same and have all sorts of weird mouse issues in Q3 like weapon doesn't stop to fire when I release the button...

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    Senior Member BuzzBlade is on a distinguished road
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    [QUOTE=Domino;96787]That's not what i mean...

    You obviously don't know what im talking about. Have you even played defrag before or even been in a defrag server?

    I obviously do know what your talking about, but don't think it has much appeal to the larger new audience. Seeing a good player fly around and manuever through a map w/ ease is intimidating. I doubt many new DeFrag trying players will want to even attempt something when the pros make it look EZ and they can't figure out how to get past 600 speed.

    I've come across people very interested in simple things like strafe and circle jumps, and trying to show them in warm-up, only results in more interest from other joiners. Maybe I was hovering in the rookie servers but it seemed like the second someone was willing to show them, they wanted to learn. It becomes a trick warm-up where people r colliding to just try. New players try and I was suprised to see better ones showing off. Same w/ plasma climbs, and most recently I farmed a whole TON of people into the jump addiction on edge/ift which I just learned meself. 2 weeks and I can confidently say atleast 10 people were jumpin like they had been born able to, many others were mimicing in the short warm-up/shuffle time, and I bet it shot their QuakeEgo up a notch, and they played more. I think there is a great thrist to learn the game movement and mechanics, but a spec only and beat my time mod sounds too competitive.

    I think the standard defrag mod and how it is executed is great. I would participate I'm sure, and be in awe at what I see the vets do. I guess my angle was I want maps built around tricks but still w/ a the live interaction of other players, and an end result to some degree. Do I have the answer no, but I think a breeding ground for those who want learn would only intrigue more people to play more, and farm better players.

    I guess I could've started a new thread called trick servers but I did that way back in beta a few times and I don't wanna piss off the mods anymore than I already have.

    F1 for whatever is trickin clever.

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    Junior Member Dragon is on a distinguished road Dragon's Avatar
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    defrag is nice , i would like to see it like in quake2 jump beta mod , when u make possible jumps u get points and u can challenge players with points in specific trick maps or , races in specific race maps , but what would be also amazing if their is a target practice in such nice structured map that fits for the agenda , not FBI stand behind the line target shooting , but more like , with moving objects while doing a trick like triple jump or a place where u reach a window in ur side and have ur chance, like a bulls eye or a landing strip , it was also mentioned in defrag mod in quake3 , some beta maps had those light beams where u rail and the random light beams keep on changing u get my point in this ,. im just giving u a tip of my innovational prediction to how defrag could be better if introduced online, but if ur claiming the default defrag with default dull maps with default settings then = fail ,because what defrag is basically about nothing in the fun concept of overrall , it just evaluates the game engine boundaries , in how much a player could reach the limits of quake movement and styling moves , but in the end what u achieve from this is maybe better precision in movement and style , nothing much.

    my headsup for u , is the bolded text.

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    Member fabrux is on a distinguished road
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    Dec 2010
    YESS! exelent idea!!! defrag in quake 3 is very hard, and strafe jump and rocket jump are easier on quake live, so why not to try?? VOTED "YES"

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    Junior Member _DeFrAG_ is on a distinguished road
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    Thumbs up Quake DeFRaG | Mac

    You guys are all saying the same things "JUST PLAY Q3" what use would that be, Yes there are tournaments but what about the Population of Q3 it's nothing compared to what Quake Live could have. Second of all Macs can't run Quake 3, there are a load of Mac players as well I speak for them!

    P.S F1!

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    Senior Member xwind is on a distinguished road
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    all Macs can't run Quake 3
    First,there is native binary for mac. Second there is ioquake3, that runs perfectly on Mac. So, well, you speak just for yourself, lol)

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    Junior Member mate08 is on a distinguished road
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    F1 we need it..

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    Junior Member gifted is on a distinguished road
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    Thumbs up DEFRAG!!!! To QuakeLive.

    [With Pro or Premium access] Much players waiting this add to play defrag with friends , make runs... training circuits

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    Junior Member gifted is on a distinguished road
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    Enlarge Training mode and turn online , freestyle maps , strafe pads and more!

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