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Bolded Text for defrag
This is awesomeness IMO. Basically I came to realize DeFrag, although awesome in a sense of going fast and breaking boundaries like post says, is not geared towards quakelive, especially some folks and their dedication that lasts 3 minutes....

All I play is iCTF. I turned all the maps I play into defrag zones of my own because my whining about it fell on what seemed deaf ears.
I don't ever play D in iCTF, and I always run ahead on strafe happy offense. I get shot down alot BUT, I've gotten to the point where I'm jumping through my map jumps, like a dog through hoops, now only I have to hit my targets and not die and keep the jump going. Albeit very hard at times, it is the most rewarding gameplay I've encountered so far.
I rarely have a positive kdr and I often times land first or second place,... the mentality of this gameplay is not rewarding in an apparent external way. But I have learned to go fast, hit my jumps and hit my marks,... sometimes. When I'm twisting through mid dueling keeps and landing rails in the enemy window, I get a headtrip, I wont lie. When I find a jump in base siege I've never seen anyone do and use it to trick a foe I want to try other things too.

My closing, a game mode that took other individuals like me who enjoy this challenge and pitted them through maps that REQUIRE strafejumping and timing, would be awesome. With proper instruction it would make many poor-average-new players better... quick.