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Thread: Pissed off quake players: Would you pay on a monthly/quarter basis?

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    There are three problems for me associated with this update.

    First, it divides five gametypes right down the middle by limiting standard players from half of the maps. Anyone in any of the standard five gametypes essentially has to have premium in order to be competitive. It's absolutely idiotic that half of the game's content be limited to those who pay for them.

    Second, the interruption advertisements for standard players. There's a big difference between giving great content to subscribers and UNNECESSARILY HURTING PLAYERS' PLAY EXPERIENCE IN AN ATTEMPT TO FORCE THEM TO PAY. Yes, that's yelling, because I am that infuriated at how id uses such a roguish, low-blow business tactic. No money of mine will enter id's hands for Quake Live until that abominable practice is ended.

    Third, and finally, there's the issue of payment plans. I'll buy a card at a gas stop for even a year's subscription. I will not use credit cards, debit cards, paypal, etc, under most circumstances, and I'll never "subscribe" to a game; I might buy a month of pro/premium, but I will NEVER subscribe to ANY game.

    Changing it to a quarterly/monthly charge doesn't fix any of those problems.

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    So you guys want them to work for free and give us all free stuff? LMAO losers get a job and pay the low price to get Pro and stop crying about it. Either pay or don't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by naikon996 View Post
    World of QuakeCraft is not the image I would want quake associated with id. Now gibs on the other hand...
    "For your convenience, after a 15-day free trial period we will automatically charge your credit card $60 as a retroactive payment for the free-trial period, and then $13.00 per month thereafter ($15 per account for inactive accounts).
    Server transfers ($25), character re-customization ($15), account authenticators ($7), fan conferences ($100), collectible figures ($15), add-on packs ($40), rideable Orbb mount ($4), and much more are all sold separately. Free time not included."

    Always read the fine print.

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    I agree that id needs to throw in some more payment options. However there are still too many people in this thread that think that servers cost nothing to operate and that devs work for free.
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