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Thread: Pissed off quake players: Would you pay on a monthly/quarter basis?

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    Pissed off quake players: Would you pay on a monthly/quarter basis?

    Ok, alot of people here seem pretty pissed about id's annual pricing policy. I suspect most people would plonk a few euro per month/quarter. Why not just loudly voice this sensible suggestion at Quakecon? I can't, because I live in Europe

    Seems to me id might bend to the communities wishes should demand be great enough as there is no Quake without a community now; is there? Dammit id, make sure you keep those Linux updates coming when I get a shiny premium subscription

    Hopefully id won't screw us, and Quake Live will actually improve. There is hope...
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    They really should have gone month to month with automatic renewal. People sign up and forget to cancel. Paying $24 or $48 is simply too high compared to what one gets for free.

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    This is a concern of mine. I mean, taking IP from the modders and using it without actually implementing new maps is a bit cheeky. Do any of the mod guys actually work for id? I will admit, they could have marketed it a bit better. Ironic, considering ZeniMax runs the business side of things.

    Also, the rolling annual payment is a hassle, because you have to specifically cancel it, else it runs into the next year. Having dealt with some shady CC/Direct debit practices in the past, where the company actually charges following notification of termination, I would rather not deal with that crap.
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    no, i already bought quake3 once, the whole idea that 10 years on i would suddenly start paying a monthly subscription for a lesser version of it boggles the mind.

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    Once upon a time, they would have released multiple plans upon release.

    Now, they have done some market research which suggests that opening with only an annual plan, and revealing a monthly plan some time later, will make an overall increase in revenue.

    All the kiddies that can't wait will buy full year subs, then, shortly later, they will release different plans, most likely monthly and whatnot, for the more patient crowd that doesn't jump at the first candy bar the van is offering.

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    Yes, I can understand why you are not happy about paying for a ten year old game, but if id actually innovates Quake Live in the coming months, I suspect most people will be happy buying cheap monthly subscriptions. From a business perspective, monthly subs are far more attractive. An annual payment will deter people like it or not id. I think it's only fair you pay for the amount you play. You could only login once a year having bought the annual sub, due to work/family issues. Not id's concern, but life will always get in the way. Monthly subs make alot more sense.

    I am no financial analyst, but surely lowering the barrier to entry(i.e not fitting your schedule around a 12 month period) would increase sales by a decent margin, than just creating an exclusive "club" for by the year members?

    /on an unrelated note, me thinks Carmack is in for a bollocking at QuakeCon

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    World of QuakeCraft!

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    I don't play a lot, mostly on weekends. Paying for a year I don't think would be very wise.

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    I would buy into the anual payment idea if there were some cool discounts like in any MMORPG.

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    World of QuakeCraft is not the image I would want quake associated with id. Now gibs on the other hand...

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