Quake Live has just come out of beta! This means we can now create our own servers to host CTF pickup games.

Come stop by to learn about CTF in Quake Live, enjoy a competitive CTF match, prepare for ongoing CTF leagues and tournaments, or just to see what the community is up to.

We are also on Facebook in the newly-redesigned group "North American Quake Live CTF". http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gi...&v=wall&ref=ts

We organize 4v4 CTF games! Look for the Quake Live servers named "#naqlctf on Gamesurge".

Games are organized using a pickup bot in the irc channel #naqlctf on Gamesurge.

To play, first download mIRC (www.mirc.com). Select the irc network "Gamesurge", and once connected type "/join #naqlctf" to join our pickup channel. Make sure you say hi to Jones.

Pickup Bot:
Games are organized using an irc pickup bot. To add yourself to a queue for the next game, type ".join" (minus the quotes) in the mIRC command line (the text box). Other useful commands are ".remove", ".list" and ".promote".


1. To join the Queue for the next pickup game, type ".join" in the main channel.

2. Once the pickup bot is full, a Pro user (has purchased a "Pro" account for Quake Live) starts a CTF server named "#naqlctf on Gamesurge".

3. Connect to this server (5 minute deadline).

4. Do NOT alias. Use your regular account, which should be similar to your irc nick.

5. Everyone spectates, except for two captains who pick teams.

6. Captains "pummel", starting from 100h/100a, to decide who picks first.

7. Players who added to the pickup bot queue MUST be picked.

8. The losing captain callvotes a map.

9. If the vote fails the losing captain callvotes a different map.

Tip of the day: If the game is too one-sided you can timeout and ask for two players to swap.