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Thread: Oct 1-3 DevPick: RandomGrav

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrMarklar View Post
    lol it's pay-only now.
    Thank god. At least ppl will play regular games on the weekend so I won't HAVE to play on unoriginal, crowded DevPicks.
    To some extent true - but on the other hand you did seem to enjoy the DevPick FFA quite alot today Thx for the match

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    Great Devpick! Crazy ******** fun lolol!!!

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    would be much more fun if you also implemented negative gravity in these dev servers (ex -256 or smthing) would be even more fun :P

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    If you're playing on a space map and the gravity is low...STAY AWAY FROM THE JUMP PADS.

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    crap idea TURN IT OFF

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    it sucks :/

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    why did u guys cancel it

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    next update has to be about the ping guys plz is so high for so many people those days i had a 45 ping now is on 87 you guys need to fix that plz

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    mad but wicked

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