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Thread: can i use a controller for quake live

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    how do i do it

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    Senior Member drunkenFooL will become famous soon enough
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    Maybe check out this dude. (Gen1us)

    In this clip (from March 2012), he shows how he plays Quake Live with his xbox 360 controller.


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    Senior Member malk_ will become famous soon enough malk_ will become famous soon enough malk_'s Avatar
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    Mostly people agreed it's fake, but who knows.

    However, gunboss, you shouldn't really bother trying. You need a third party tool (like xpadder out joy2key) to do it properly. But configuring and playing with it is not worth it.
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    Senior Member quiet_L is on a distinguished road
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    u can do this by using a XIM: www.xim3.com

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