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Thread: Skill Ranking and Matchmaking Enhancements

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    dunno what my CA tier is, but for sure the matchmaking is totally ****ed up. Before the update matched servers were mostly ok, now i get a very high percentage of games as matched where my mates and opponents clearly are way below my skill.

    = adjustments for me, made it worse.
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    Same. I tried testing this out by creating a new character, and... guess what. New players start in CA Tier 3. So if you want to play CA you're either in Tier 2, Tier 2.5 or Tier 4. It's pretty ridiculous and it's ruined a lot of the recent games I've played in.

    Put new players in Tier 2 where they belong, restrict Tier 2 from joining up a tier, and you're done.

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    These problems have made the game basically unplaybable for me. I don't care if I lose most of the time but I'd like to be at least competitive. That was the case until recently and all of the sudden I'm severely outclassed everywhere. I've already canceled my pro subscription and am probably just going to uninstall the game.

    It's a shame because I've had a ton of fun with the game for a long time, but it's just not enjoyable anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bagwan View Post
    ...It's a shame because I've had a ton of fun with the game for a long time, but it's just not enjoyable anymore.
    same here ...

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    This skill ranking doesn't seem to work for me. Every "skill matched" game pits me up against players so much better than me I'm pretty much helpless.

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    I seem to be in a minority, here, but then those that are enjoying Quakelive hang in the forums 'cos they're too busy playing...

    Keep up the good work ID. On the whole, this game is awesome, but I do feel you need to sort out your marketing department.

    An interesting experiment would be to show on the forums what membership people have. I suspect most of the whingers are the ones that don't pay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MurrderFace View Post
    i truly believe everything we're saying falls on deaf ears. it's clear they are catering only to the top 1% of players and could give two bits about anyone but the same core group that is leftover from quake3. doesn't matter if you pay or not, the game's still broken in so many ways after being out of BETA for 7 months now
    YOU need to man up and stop blaming ID for people beating you. People are better than you at Quake plain and simple.
    I know it might be hard to believe but there are probably people better than you at almost everything. I'd shadow a guess that in real life when you lose at something you blame the game, the rules or the luck. While you are sitting there moaning and whining people are improving by looking at their shortcomings and continuously learning from their experiences instead of crying to the boss, the referee, mummy...

    You are the kid that turns off the games console when you start losing aren't you?

    Simply you are losing at life. Stop moaning, it is doing you no good.

    If iD catered for the top 1% of players there would be no quake live, how stupid would you have to be to destroy the entire market you have built up by ignoring 99% of players. I would hazard a guess that you are in the 1% that cry when they lose and that is the reason they ignore you. I don't want QL to change to help people like you.

    I love QL because it is hard, I love the challenge, the unforgiving nature, the way skill is what actually counts.

    This isn't ****ing Mario Kart.

    QL is pure, leave it that way.

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    Please fix the balance system, i want to play with people at same skill, not agianst pro's where i die every 2 seconds

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    Senior Member MurrderFace is an unknown quantity at this point
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    you mean pros like this?


    im sure there was some 'rational' explanation though... uh-huh....

    tier FIVE please ID.... hallo!

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    When there was 5 tiers, there were problems, now there is also problems with skillmatching...

    The problem is the player DB. No tier/balance system can work perfectly without loads of players. There will always be someone who is misplaced, doesn't have a matched server to play, etc...

    So best advice to you guys is to be persistent, there will never be a perfect matching system. In the past I was a lot more concerned to have balanced matches and all that, but hey what they say is true: if you play better competition, you'll learn faster. So when you see a good player think about it as a good opportunity to learn something.

    By experience I can tell you, forget the scoreboard, play with an open and relaxed mind and analyze situations to learn from them. Things will start coming together and you won't regret it, because as all in life, what takes effort pays off at end better.

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