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Thread: Site Update - September 28, 2010

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    Site Update - September 28, 2010

    Today's update introduces 4 new arenas to QUAKE LIVE, improvements to our Skill Ranking system, and an extension of our existing Invite-to-Match system. Our Premium content Map Pak includes Devilish, a wonderfully Gothic themed map suited for Duel or small teamplay, and three small Clan Arenas including two highly requested Rocket Arena 3 fan-favorites: Somewhat Damaged and Thunderstruck. We hope everyone enjoys the new maps and we look forward to hearing your feedback and continuing to deliver additional content in the near future.
    • Premium Maps added:
      • Devilish
      • Fatal Instinct
      • Somewhat Damaged
      • Thunderstruck
    • Small CA Public Servers: We are now running public Premium servers with smaller default teamsizes, running a mappool of small CA maps to help facilitate 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 Clan Arena play.
    • Skill Ranking & Matchmaking Enhancements: More details in our latest DevBlog!
    • Extended Invite System: We now allow every Pro user on a server to invite 3 standard users, instead of limiting 3 Standard users per Premium server.
    • Existing Maps updated:
      • Asylum
        * Fixed Quad/MH dual spawn in FreezeTag, now only spawns Quad.
      • Battleforged
        * Closed the window above the MH to reduce sounds on the map.
        * Removed the bars from the RA overlook and added pedestals to make the jump to the RA Bridge.
        * Moved the RA to the middle of the bridge to make it more dangerous to snag.
        - Deleted some redundant spawns and marked some as initial. Moved a couple of the initial spawns for balance.
        + Added Quad/Invisibility combo to replace GL in all non-Duel gametypes.
        * Switched the PG with a second RL.
        * Moved the Plasma Gun to the RA room.
        * Replaced the mid YA with a GA.
        * Moved the Mid TP exit to between the original RL and the RA.
        * Moved the MG ammo around into the hall between RA and LG.
        + Added another 25 health in the LG room.
      • Black Cathedral
        * Fixed the patches in the Undercroft that warped out of shape when using r_subdivisions 80.
        * Aligned the Shotgun on its marker.
        + Added a bit of light to the the curve in the Undercroft Lower.
      • Cold War
        * Fixed floating jumppad.
      • Dreadful Place
        - 50hp removed from middle corridor
        * 50hp in quad room swaped with 25 hp in upper SG room
        * 25hp moved from RG room to GA room
        * minor structural changes
        - Quad room spawn removed
        * RG room spaw moved a little
        * spawn near YA moved a little
      • Dredwerkz
        + Added missing teleporter destination near the high YA.
      • Furious Heights
        + Teleporter destination decals added.
      • Hektik
        * Minor changes to health and shard positions
        * SG switched with PG
        + 2 additional spawns
        - Several spawns removed from initial spawn selection
        * Added weapclip to fix peculiar collision map issue.
        + Added teleporter destination decals.
      • Intervention
        * Fixed 5 texture misalignements near lava & fogpit.
      • Japanese Castles
        * Fixed vanishing walls in mid on CA.
      • Lost World
        * Fixed quad/health spawn in FT
      • Phrantic
        * Changed to a "no railgun" layout
        * Changed the pipework to make the pipe climb easier.
      • Purgatory
        * Fixed light in column that wasn't properly sized.
        * adjusted clipping at broken for easier access.
        * adjusted clipping beside Quad for access to broken area.
        * fixed RA JP back beam texture being mis-aligned.
        * fixed RA JP detail trim protruding into MH room through roof.
        * fixed SG+YA area pillar not touching ground.
        * fixed all light flare texture alignments.
        * fixed back face being drawn on metal pillar near upper Quad/RG JP.
        * fixed clip brush incorrectly positioned at YA-SG floor curve.
        * fixed clipping issue at light above MH stairs.
        * fixed mis-aligned patch textue beside QUad SG.
        * fixed mis-aligned texture on skylight trim at RA-window area.
        * fixed mis-aligned texture on skylight trim at basement->RG-JP area.
        * fixed mis-scaled texture on patch at exit of RA water corridoor.
        * fixed poorly positioned brush at curve beside Quad.
        * fixed various mis-aligned textures.
        * fixed z-fighting beside RA pillars in water corridoor.
        * lowered RA-window ceiling area so it's less visible from RA ceiling area.
        * moved end vertical beam at RA to allow players through gap.
        * raised RA roof area slightly.
        * raised RG roof area slightly.
        * raised roof in ** back corner room slightly.
        * re-rotated Q bridge wooden planks & MH fallen plank to round rotation values to hopefully fix texture alignment loss.
        * reclipped every concave patch to match lowest detail patches.
        * tweaked Hints at Portal area.
        + added 2 x 5hp at RA window.
        + added 25HP at Quad Broken.
        + added another hint at upper RL.
        + added clipping to some convex patches that had none.
        + added grate below 50hp at **.
        + added hint at MH->Q JP.
        + added hint at RJ-JP.
        + added top trims to skylights at **/Q/RJ-JP/YA-SG.
        + clipped all banners/flags, except those at **.
        + clipped around RA+RG windows for easier RJing into them.
        - removed 1 spawn at RA.

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    First !!! thunderstruck is back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    the moon

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    Great updates. I'm going to be getting premium soon.

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    Yeah. I like the changes made to the tier system. Being able to play with more people is great.

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    Junior Member fnx_za is on a distinguished road
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    I cant play the new maps in practice mode. It just boots me out, anyone else getting this?

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    Thumbs up

    that's it....that's it KEEP THE GOOD WORK UP ID

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    Where is gillz's scoreboard

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    Quote Originally Posted by fnx_za View Post
    I cant play the new maps in practice mode. It just boots me out, anyone else getting this?
    Most likely because you clicked on it before the content fully downloaded

    The map updates are nice, but there are still all these bugs in focal point. Are there any plans to fix them?

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