Today's update introduces 4 new arenas to QUAKE LIVE, improvements to our Skill Ranking system, and an extension of our existing Invite-to-Match system. Our Premium content Map Pak includes Devilish, a wonderfully Gothic themed map suited for Duel or small teamplay, and three small Clan Arenas including two highly requested Rocket Arena 3 fan-favorites: Somewhat Damaged and Thunderstruck. We hope everyone enjoys the new maps and we look forward to hearing your feedback and continuing to deliver additional content in the near future.
  • Premium Maps added:
    • Devilish
    • Fatal Instinct
    • Somewhat Damaged
    • Thunderstruck
  • Small CA Public Servers: We are now running public Premium servers with smaller default teamsizes, running a mappool of small CA maps to help facilitate 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 Clan Arena play.
  • Skill Ranking & Matchmaking Enhancements: More details in our latest DevBlog!
  • Extended Invite System: We now allow every Pro user on a server to invite 3 standard users, instead of limiting 3 Standard users per Premium server.
  • Existing Maps updated:
    • Asylum
      * Fixed Quad/MH dual spawn in FreezeTag, now only spawns Quad.
    • Battleforged
      * Closed the window above the MH to reduce sounds on the map.
      * Removed the bars from the RA overlook and added pedestals to make the jump to the RA Bridge.
      * Moved the RA to the middle of the bridge to make it more dangerous to snag.
      - Deleted some redundant spawns and marked some as initial. Moved a couple of the initial spawns for balance.
      + Added Quad/Invisibility combo to replace GL in all non-Duel gametypes.
      * Switched the PG with a second RL.
      * Moved the Plasma Gun to the RA room.
      * Replaced the mid YA with a GA.
      * Moved the Mid TP exit to between the original RL and the RA.
      * Moved the MG ammo around into the hall between RA and LG.
      + Added another 25 health in the LG room.
    • Black Cathedral
      * Fixed the patches in the Undercroft that warped out of shape when using r_subdivisions 80.
      * Aligned the Shotgun on its marker.
      + Added a bit of light to the the curve in the Undercroft Lower.
    • Cold War
      * Fixed floating jumppad.
    • Dreadful Place
      - 50hp removed from middle corridor
      * 50hp in quad room swaped with 25 hp in upper SG room
      * 25hp moved from RG room to GA room
      * minor structural changes
      - Quad room spawn removed
      * RG room spaw moved a little
      * spawn near YA moved a little
    • Dredwerkz
      + Added missing teleporter destination near the high YA.
    • Furious Heights
      + Teleporter destination decals added.
    • Hektik
      * Minor changes to health and shard positions
      * SG switched with PG
      + 2 additional spawns
      - Several spawns removed from initial spawn selection
      * Added weapclip to fix peculiar collision map issue.
      + Added teleporter destination decals.
    • Intervention
      * Fixed 5 texture misalignements near lava & fogpit.
    • Japanese Castles
      * Fixed vanishing walls in mid on CA.
    • Lost World
      * Fixed quad/health spawn in FT
    • Phrantic
      * Changed to a "no railgun" layout
      * Changed the pipework to make the pipe climb easier.
    • Purgatory
      * Fixed light in column that wasn't properly sized.
      * adjusted clipping at broken for easier access.
      * adjusted clipping beside Quad for access to broken area.
      * fixed RA JP back beam texture being mis-aligned.
      * fixed RA JP detail trim protruding into MH room through roof.
      * fixed SG+YA area pillar not touching ground.
      * fixed all light flare texture alignments.
      * fixed back face being drawn on metal pillar near upper Quad/RG JP.
      * fixed clip brush incorrectly positioned at YA-SG floor curve.
      * fixed clipping issue at light above MH stairs.
      * fixed mis-aligned patch textue beside QUad SG.
      * fixed mis-aligned texture on skylight trim at RA-window area.
      * fixed mis-aligned texture on skylight trim at basement->RG-JP area.
      * fixed mis-scaled texture on patch at exit of RA water corridoor.
      * fixed poorly positioned brush at curve beside Quad.
      * fixed various mis-aligned textures.
      * fixed z-fighting beside RA pillars in water corridoor.
      * lowered RA-window ceiling area so it's less visible from RA ceiling area.
      * moved end vertical beam at RA to allow players through gap.
      * raised RA roof area slightly.
      * raised RG roof area slightly.
      * raised roof in ** back corner room slightly.
      * re-rotated Q bridge wooden planks & MH fallen plank to round rotation values to hopefully fix texture alignment loss.
      * reclipped every concave patch to match lowest detail patches.
      * tweaked Hints at Portal area.
      + added 2 x 5hp at RA window.
      + added 25HP at Quad Broken.
      + added another hint at upper RL.
      + added clipping to some convex patches that had none.
      + added grate below 50hp at **.
      + added hint at MH->Q JP.
      + added hint at RJ-JP.
      + added top trims to skylights at **/Q/RJ-JP/YA-SG.
      + clipped all banners/flags, except those at **.
      + clipped around RA+RG windows for easier RJing into them.
      - removed 1 spawn at RA.