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Thread: Runes?

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    Member FunkyFlava is on a distinguished road
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    Could we get runes back in CTF for this final update please?

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    Senior Member GnGBnG is on a distinguished road GnGBnG's Avatar
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    runes were hated profoundly by CTF players when they were first put in the game, so i strongly doubt they will come back.

    if they do, however, i'd like to be able to pickup runes on the enemy side of the map, too.

    bah, who am i kidding, i never play CTF anyway.
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    Senior Member danstar will become famous soon enough danstar's Avatar
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    runes might be back... still meet a lot of players on TA maps who ask where they went, ppl who dont post on any forum or voice their opinion.

    given the fact that custom maps will be playable on private servers, chance is there that they will be back.

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