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Thread: Can't render anything out of Wolfcam

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    Can't render anything out of Wolfcam

    I've made videos with it before, but no...I dunno what's changed. Doesn't matter what output format I choose, I hit the record button and the player creeps through the demo slowly as it always did. Then I get the screen showing it rendering frames (HUH? Like what the hell was it doing for the previous 30 minutes? but it always freezes after a very short time, and the result is a truncated video. (Which, if it's .MP4 will be corrupted by the sudden stop)
    No idea what's up with that.Think I'll try one more time, but at a lower resolution and frame-rate

    Never mind. Works now. I was clicking STOP when the demo got to the end. lol. Or maybe it works because I updated all my codecs. Or maybe it works because I tried MJPEG instead. One or more of those things sorted the problem out.
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