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    Usual ...

    Servers down and like always late official words from developers, with 0 time scales, and tbh essentially meaning less reason and not so much as an apology. "Quake Live is currently down as our XMPP service is offline." This is a protocol I presume they use for managing whos online and in what games and playing where etc etc... its down ... and its been down for over 5 hours! not being back up within the hour sounds to me like incompetence or google isn't giving the professionals the answers they need. I've never known a service go down as much as QL it easily has to be around 98% - 99% uptime which is abysmal. I would be firing staff here if I wasn't achieving 99.99% or greater uptime (we aim for 99.999).

    Yes many will moan it just a game but when its a service like anything else you pay for and they are unable to deliver then why shouldn't people moan.
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